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The Greenhouse redesign simplifies how you interact with our applications by creating a consistent experience, guiding your organization with hiring best practices and accounting for the needs of all user types through AA accessible standards.

With our new design, you can move through workflows more confidently and efficiently while accessing the most important content first.

Keep reading for details on the specific changes you can expect to see in your Greenhouse account and check out our blog post for more information on our design strategy.

Note: We'll be rolling out the redesign over a period of time, beginning on June 6, 2022. Stay tuned for more information!

New design

We updated the look of Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding to reflect our brand better. Some of these changes include a new color palette, added white space and refreshed buttons.

We redesigned the buttons in the top right corner of the page, including replacing your name with your initials. You can continue to click on your initials to open a dropdown menu of account options.

Screenshot of the new account dropdown with your initials instead of your name

New navigation

We improved the naming and navigation of pages to make your workflows more consistent and organized.

After looking at the way people use Greenhouse Recruiting, we've simplified the navigation bar at the top of your page to show pages that our users access most. We've taken the lesser-used pages and moved them elsewhere in the application. See the bullet points below for more information on specific changes.

Major changes

  • A new way to toggle between your accounts: Click the dropdown arrow next to the logo in the top left corner to switch between Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding.

    Screenshot of the new toggle between Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding

    Because of the new toggle, we removed the link to Greenhouse Onboarding from the dropdown under your initials.
  • Easier access to your dashboard: Clicking the Greenhouse logo now brings you back to your dashboard, which means we could remove it from the top navigation bar.
  • Simpler navigation: We removed the ellipses icon and dropdown menu from the primary navigation bar and moved the dropdown links to new, more intuitive locations.
    • We moved CRM, Reports and Integrations to the primary navigation bar.

      Screenshot of the new navigation bar

    • We removed the Sourcing overview page. You can continue to access Sourcing from each job by going to the Job Dashboard > Sourcing.
    • You can continue to access the Approvals page by going to the My Approvals section on the right side of the My Dashboard page.

      Screenshot of the my approvals section
    • We moved Inclusion to Configure > Inclusion Tools.
  • Fewer button clicks to see internal jobs: We removed the Internal Job Board from the dropdown under your initials. You can continue to access it from the Helpful Links section on the right side of the My Dashboard page.

    Screenshot of the internal job board in the helpful links section

Other changes

  • New account dropdown: We replaced your name with your initials in the dropdown under your initials.
  • Relocated job dashboard navigation: We moved the Job Dashboard navigation bar from the top of the page to the left side of the page.

    Screenshot of the new job dashboard side navigation

  • More specific page names: To reflect the features that have been added over the years, we've updated the name of the Job Boards page to Job Boards & Posts.
  • A new home for agencies: We moved Agencies from the Ellipses icon > Sourcing > Agencies to Configure > Agencies.

Upcoming changes

You might notice some areas of our application that haven't been updated with our new design. Our team is working on them! Stay tuned for information about the following features:

  • Mobile app

Additional resources

For more information on why we made these changes, remember to read our blog post! For any other questions, please contact Technical Support.