When preparing for integrations or technical consulting with Greenhouse, there are a few prerequisites you'll need. This article provides a high-level checklist for you and your team.

Tiers and features

In order to begin integrations or technical consulting with Greenhouse, your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting instance should be on the Expert subscription tier, or at a minimum have the following features enabled:

  • Employee ID
  • External IDs on offices / departments
  • Dependent offer fields
  • API-only job fields
  • Sandbox

Developers and middleware

You should have an integration developer resource secured and available for integrations or technical consulting sessions. The developer must be present on consulting calls. They need to understand what's being designed and what they will ultimately build. They should also be present to confirm what may be out of scope.

You should have middleware identified in which to build the integration. You'll need someplace to transform the data into the right format to execute API requests in the receiving system. This could include the need for a web hook listener service if you are planning to build a web hook 'candidate hired' integration.

Common middleware includes:

  • Workday®️ – typically Workday®️ Studio
  • Other HRIS systems – Mulesoft, Workato or similar
  • Your HRIS may come with some form of middleware that can be used


You must have an internal Greenhouse Recruiting expert and an HRIS expert available for consulting sessions.

Your HRIS should be fully implemented, or close to fully implemented. It should have at a minimum the following implemented:

  • The create job requisition and / or create position business processes should be configured. You should know which Workday®️ requisition or position data you want to import to Greenhouse Recruiting. We strongly recommend enabling job requisitions. Read more in our Support Center: Integrate Greenhouse with Workday®️ position management.
  • Your organizational structure should be mapped out and configured to include locations, offices, and departments. There should be organizational units that correspond to your office and department structure in Greenhouse Recruiting. Read more here: Offices and departments overview.
  • Your new employee onboarding or hire business processes should be configured. You should know which fields you need to export from Greenhouse Recruiting to Workday®️.

Expectations and requirements

You should have a clear idea of the requirements for your Greenhouse Recruiting instance and HRIS respectively. For instance, consider the following questions:

  • Which data is required by recruiters in Greenhouse Recruiting in order to run the recruiting process?
  • Which data comes from the HRIS vs. what is added by the recruiting team in Greenhouse Recruiting?
  • What fields are required in your HRIS to create a new employee record?

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Workday®️.