Permissions: Basic and above who can manage and configure webhooks

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

When enabling an integration on Greenhouse Recruiting, you may need to create new web hooks to support the integration.

Create a web hook

To create a web hook for an integration, you'll need a few pieces of information:

  • When: The activity or trigger that should make the web hook fire.
  • Endpoint URL: The URL to which the web hook should deliver its payload.
  • Secret key: The authentication key accepted by the endpoint.

Integrations often publish these pieces of information in their integration documentation, but some integrations may require you to reach out to them directly. Check the Support Center article on the integration you're enabling for more info.

When you're ready to create the web hook, log in to Greenhouse Recruiting and click the Configure Configure icon icon on your navigation bar.

Click Dev Center on the left.

Configure page showing Dev Center highlighted in marigold emphasis box

Click Web Hooks > Web Hooks.

Dev Center page shows a marigold emphasis box around Web Hooks button

Enter the setup information to create your new web hook.

The create a new web hook page shows the configuration options highlighted in a marigold emphasis box

If necessary, enter an error recipient email and set any advanced settings.

When finished, click Create web hook. Greenhouse Recruiting will send a ping to the endpoint to verify the connection's working. If the ping is accepted successfully, the web hook will be created.

You can repeat this process if an integration requires more than one web hook.