HRIS Link and Job Admin permission assignment


Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link can be used to programmatically import jobs from your HRIS to Greenhouse Recruiting. You can read more about using HRIS Link to import jobs here.

HRIS Link uses role_id on your HRIS report to determine what Job Admin permission level a user should be assigned on each job's hiring team.

You can use the Harvest API endpoint GET: List User Roles to retrieve a full list of your organization’s Job Admin levels, where id in the response is the role_id you should use for your hiring team roles:

Example request:

curl -X GET \
-H 'Authorization: Basic *******' \


Example response:

"id": 4730,
"type": "job_admin",
"name": "Standard"
"id": 4731,
"type": "job_admin",
"name": "Private"

In this example, the id 4370 could be used to assign someone Job Admin: Standard permissions on a job using the HRIS Link job import report.

Once you know your role IDs, use them to assign Job Admin permission levels on your HRIS report on the hiring_manager_role_id, recruiter_role_id, and sourcer_role_id fields.

Tip: We recommend limiting your Job Admin levels to match each role on the hiring team. For example, Job Admin: Recruiter could be used for recruiters, and Job Admin: Hiring Manager for hiring managers. 

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