{reprograma} is a social impact startup that focuses on teaching programming to cis and trans women who don't have the resources and/or opportunities to learn programming. Created in 2016, our mission is to reduce the gender gap in the technology sector through education. The {reprograma} platform was developed and made available in a web environment to facilitate and automate processes that enhance the employability of our students through matchmaking between these and employing companies.

The integration of Greenhouse Recruiting with {reprograma} allows your company's selection processes, registered at Greenhouse, to receive applications from our alumnae through the {reprograma} platform. The entire selection process is managed through Greenhouse and synchronized with the {reprograma} platform so that the company is able to carry out exclusive processes for former students or mixed processes, which receive former students and candidates from the market. The recruiters' routine becomes simpler by using only the Greenhouse platform to manage all their selection processes, including processes in partnership with {reprograma}.

See the following sections for more information:

Configure setup permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting

To configure the Greenhouse Recruiting/{reprograma} integration, you'll need the developer permission Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials.

To assign this permission, find a Greenhouse user in your organization with Site Admin level permissions and the specific function Can edit another user's advanced permissions role to update your account.

You can update this permission by navigating to the user page. ( Configure icon > Users > Your Name)

Scroll to the Permissions panel on your user page and expand the Developer Permissions dropdown menu.

Select Can manage ALL organization's API credentials in the Developer Permissions section and click on Save.

Repeat as necessary for any other user that needs to set up the integration.

Create a partner API key for the Greenhouse Recruiting/{reprograma} integration

Note: To generate an API key, you must have the developer permission to Manage ALL organization's API Credentials.

Click on the Configure icon and select the Dev Center on the left panel.

Select API Credential Management in the Dev Center.

From the API Credential Management page, click on Create New API Key to generate the API key for {reprograma}.

Select Candidate Ingestion and enter a description in the Create New Credential window. Select reprograma from the Partners dropdown menu.

When you're finished, click Create.

Your partner API key for the Greenhouse / {reprograma} Integration has been created and configured. Keep it in a safe place so the integration can be completed.

Using the {reprograma} integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Access your account on the {reprograma} platform. From any page, click on the upper left corner of your company name and click on My Account (Minha conta).  

On the left menu, select Integrations (Integrações) and click on the EDIT (EDITAR) button.

Click on the Add Integration (Adicionar integração) button.

In the Add Integration window, in the Platform field, select GREENHOUSE. In the Email field, enter the email address of the user who created the API key. In the Token API key field, enter the newly created API key. Click Save.

From now on, you'll be able to link your vacancies registered in the Greenhouse platform with the vacancies registered in the {reprograma} platform.

To do so, access a specific job (by clicking on Job (Vagas) located in the top menu), edit a vacancy that has already been created (clicking on the edit icon) or click on Create vacancy (Criar vaga).

Preencha os dados desejados da vaga. Mantenha ligado o seletor Vaga administrada pela Greenhouse e em ID da vaga insira o hiperlink de sua vaga.

Fill in the vacancy data. Keep the Job administered by Greenhouse (Vaga administrada pela Greenhouse) selector turned on. Under Job ID (ID da Vaga), insert the hyperlink of your vacancy.

Para obter o hiperlink de sua vaga vá até a plataforma Greenhouse, clique em Todas as vagas (All Jobs) , selecione a vaga desejada, e copie o hiperlink da nova página a ser aberta.

To obtain the hyperlink for your job, go to the Greenhouse platform, click on All Jobs, select the desired job and copy the hyperlink from the new page to be opened. On the {reprograma} platform, insert the hyperlink in Job ID (ID da vaga), review the job data and click on Save (Salvar).

Note: Job information, such as description and skills, are not automatically imported to the {reprograma} platform. Nonetheless, as the students are moved on to the next phases, the stages are imported automatically. Therefore, it is not necessary to fill in the data for "Stages" on the {reprograma} platform.

Additional support

Contact plataforma@reprograma.com.br for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.

Access the {reprograma} platform user manuals here.