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Greenhouse Recruiting

Improved Agency Portal: We've improved access to the Agency Portal for agency recruiters! Going forward, agencies can use the same email address to work with Greenhouse Recruiting organizations in US and EU-based silos.

Read more about using the Agency Portal here.

Global search: We've enhanced in-app searching on Greenhouse Recruiting by replacing quick search with global search. Now using the Search icon Icon_-_Global_search.png you can search your entire Greenhouse Recruiting instance (for users, candidates, jobs, or configuration settings) within a single search bar.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with Greenhouse prospecting Chrome plugin, in which the plugin was not requiring email addresses when an organization's GDPR policy was configured with data collection email rules for manually added prospects and Legitimate Interest was set as the legal basis.
  • Fixed issue with Harvest API endpoint POST: Create jobs, in which calls with number_of_openings passed as a string resulted in an unclear error message.