Report Builder 1.0 retirement information

Please be advised that, on October 31, we will be retiring all Report Builder 1.0 (RB 1.0) features. These features include custom reports, reports scheduled to be sent to other users and reports used by the Google Sheets Connector that have all been configured using RB 1.0.

Note: This page contains more detailed information about the retirement of Report Builder 1.0 (RB 1.0), how to prepare for the transition and how to learn more about our new Report Builder.

Why are we retiring reports made with the old Report Builder?

Greenhouse released a new, more powerful Report Builder in October of 2020. Over the last 12 months, usage of the new Report Builder has significantly increased, and it now powers more than a third of all report requests (half a million!) in Greenhouse. 

While it has been impossible to create a report from scratch using RB1.0 since we rolled out the new Report Builder, some saved reports still use the old framework, including those that power some connected Google Sheets.

All of your existing RB1.0 reports can be recreated with the new Report Builder. By transitioning to the new Report Builder, you can:

  • Add more powerful filters to provide greater report specificity
  • Create additional data columns that were not available in RB1.0
  • Enjoy a more user-friendly workflow and significant performance improvements

To ensure we can continue to provide a more efficient Report Builder experience and maintain the performance you expect, we are removing the old RB 1.0 from Greenhouse and transitioning all customers to the new Report Builder in late 2021. 

Am I affected?

If you have created one or more reports that are still powered by RB1.0, and have accessed those reports between August 20 and October 20, you are affected by this change and were notified by email on Wednesday October 20, 2021.

This article contains additional information about the retirement of RB 1.0 following an email that was sent only to affected users on October 20, 2021.

What action is required?

If reports you have created no longer contribute to your reporting objectives, no action is required. After October 31, RB 1.0 reports will be removed from your account.
Please see the information below if you are still hoping to use your R.B. 1.0 reports after October 31. 

If you have a saved and/or scheduled a custom reports using RB1.0

Navigate to your Reports page and review your saved reports. Any report that contains a warning banner (see below) should be recreated using the new Report Builder. Once you’ve recreated the report, you can delete the old saved report.


If you would like to read up on the features of the new Report Builder and how to best utilize them, we have resources available here.

If you have a saved custom report powering the Google Sheets Connector

If you’ve previously created a report and imported it to Google Sheets, you’ll need to follow the steps above and copy and paste the new URL into your Google sheet.

Note that any changes to the structure of the Greenhouse report may break existing cells and require that you adjust some of your formulas. You may wish to duplicate your existing Google Sheet and test the changes before refreshing your original sheet(s) with the new URL.

If you have any questions about how to recreate your report, please reach out to Greenhouse Support. Our team is unable to recreate reports on your behalf, but we are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you

Our goal is to deliver the best possible product and user experience to customers like you who are looking to leverage their recruiting data to its fullest. We will continue to develop and refine our industry-leading reporting tools to support you in this effort and thank you for your understanding about these changes.

If you have questions, feedback or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

The Greenhouse team