Comparably’s Themed Job Posts tool is a one-click solution to overlay job posts with Comparably’s employee feedback data, including current employee reviews, diversity and gender scores, CEO score, and more.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Comparably allows you to integrate Comparably's themes to enhance the candidate experience, increase engagement, attract better talent and influence candidates to apply.

Choose job boards in Comparably

Open Comparably and navigate to the Themed Job Posts window.

Select Greenhouse from the Select your provider field.

Select the correct job board from the dropdown menu.

Click Verify Job Board. This button will verify the connection between Comparably and Greenhouse Recruiting.

Configure Greenhouse Recruiting to use Comparably's themes

Once the job board has been verified, select one of the themes/layouts. Your setup may differ based on how your organization hosts the job board.

Greenhouse hosts both the job board and job post pages

Your organization hosts the job board and Greenhouse hosts job post pages

Your organization hosts the job board and job posts

Additional resources

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