Oscar Health: How to architect an effective process and get organizational buy-in


Many companies largely rely on impressions from unstructured interviews to make hiring decisions. There has been vast literature that calls into question the validity of an unstructured process-- namely, these interviews are not reliable predictors of a candidate’s success on the job. A structured process, on the other hand, offers innumerable benefits to your company, ranging from the increase of predictive accuracy to the decrease of interviewer bias.

Jan Fiegel, Head of Recruiting at Oscar Health, is an expert on architecting a structured interview process, and has recently shared his case study at the Recruiting Optimization Roadshow in New York City.


In this webcast, Jan shares:

  • How to structure your interview process to systematically assess the drivers of success
  • A detailed look into how Jan has architected the interview process at Oscar Health
  • Ways to get buy-in from hiring managers and the rest of your organization

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