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When a user visits your job board, there's a chance they're scrolling through multiple opportunities. In some cases, scrolling issues on your board can make it frustrating to skim multiple opportunities in one session. 

Check out the section below for some common scrolling issues and possible resolutions. 

Note: You'll need to know your organization's job board integration type to choose the best solution for your organization.

Job Board scrolls back to the top of the page when the user clicks the "Back" button

When a user selects a job, the post will open in the new window or page. If a user selects a job and then returns to the job board using the browser's Back button, the page will load at the top, forcing the user to scroll back down to the list of opportunities. 

If your job board is hosted by your company (integration options 3, 4, and 5) you can control this behavior with your website's code. However, you'll need to contact whoever developed your organization's website to correct this.

If you're using integration options 1 or 2, you can turn on Don't scroll to top of page on page load to make sure the page loads back on the job board if the user goes back to the job board using the browser's Back button.

To turn this setting on, navigate to your job board configuration options (Configure > Dev Center > Configuring Your Job Board) and select the correct job board from the top right corner of the page.

Select Don't scroll to top of the page on page load in the Configure box. Now, when a user selects a job and the page reloads, the page will stay in the same place.


Job board scrolls to the top of the page when the user clicks a job link

When a user chooses a job link from the job board, it will open in a new window or page. However, if you are hosting or embedding a Greenhouse Recruiting job board inside your own website, your website's code may be conflicting with with the embedded Greenhouse iFrame (the technology used to display the job board) and cause the page to scroll to the top of the screen when a new job post loads.

To fix this issue, you'll need to reach out to the development team responsible for your organization's website and ask them to fix the scrolling issue on page refresh. This issue is most common with integration options 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

Alternatively, to completely avoid this issue, Greenhouse can host your job board through integration option 1.

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