Support request update

There is an upcoming change to our process for submitting support requests. To optimize customer experience and connect you to the fastest solutions possible when you submit a question, we will no longer receive tickets via starting September 1, 2021. Our Support team will continue to be available 5 days a week, 17 hours a day via live chat and ticket (view our hours here).

How do I contact support?

Click “Get help” in-app or in our support center.

Why are we making this change?

This change will allow us to provide faster responses to customer questions, through our support center, chat, or a ticket.

What happens if I email after September 1, 2021?

We’ll remind you of the best path to submit a ticket! You’ll get an automatic response with a link to our support center and instructions on reaching support in-app.

How should I prepare my team for this change?

Make sure they know about the “Get help” button in our app and support center. From there, they can easily access live chat or submit a ticket.