Sync candidate changes between Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Recruiting

Permissions: Coordinator, Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

When you mark a candidate as hired, they are added to Greenhouse Onboarding as a pending hire.

After the pending hire is converted to an employee, any changes to the candidate's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting must be approved by an admin in Greenhouse Onboarding in order for the update to sync.

For example, if a candidate's start date is changed in Greenhouse Recruiting, the new date is sent to Greenhouse Onboarding for an admin to review.

Sync candidate changes

To start the approval process, navigate to the New hire updates from Greenhouse Recruiting section on your homepage. 

Hover over the employee and select Accept all or Dismiss

Screenshot of the accept all and the dismiss button.


  • This process only applies to employees. Click here to learn how to convert a pending hire to an employee.
  • If you accidentally dismiss a change and need to update the Start Date, you can manually update the information on their employee profile
  • If an employee's start date doesn't match Greenhouse Recruiting, any changes to the candidate profile in Greenhouse Recruiting will require admin attention in Greenhouse Onboarding.