Based out of Berlin, Arbeitnow helps job seekers discover local, remote, hybrid, and 4-day work week jobs in Europe. Arbeitnow has built-in support for jobs that provide visa sponsorship and relocation assistance, helping companies attract great talent worldwide.

To set up the Arbeitnow Job Board, you'll need to send Arbeitnow your board token or your careers page URL. See the sections below for more information. 

Locate job board token

To receive the job board token, click the Configure icon in the top-right corner of the page and select Job Boards & Posts from the left-side panel. 

Screenshot   of   the   job   boards   and   posts   page.

Locate the job board where you want to set up the integration. Click the Ellipsis icon beside the job board and select Edit Board Settings from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot  of  the  edit  board  settings  button.

Copy the complete URL from the URL field ([company])

Screenshot of the edit your job board page.

Send token to Arbeitnow

To complete your setup, send an email to with your Job Board token and we’ll let you know once the process is complete!