Greenhouse’s integration with cord allows users to automatically send candidates they have sourced via cord to associated positions in Greenhouse . In this article, we will cover how to:

  • Configure the Greenhouse/cord Integration
  • Import a position from Greenhouse
  • Associate an existing position with a position in Greenhouse
  • Add Candidates to Greenhouse

Configure the Greenhouse/cord Integration


To initiate the integration with Greenhouse, navigate to the settings & billing section and click on the integrations tab to get to the following page.



Clicking on the connect button will redirect you to the greenhouse, from where you are able to authenticate your account with cord.



Link new positions in cord with Greenhouse

When creating a new position, you have the option of importing your position from Greenhouse. Selecting the drop down imports the details and also automatically associates the position in cord with the greenhouse position.



Link existing positions in cord with Greenhouse

You are also able to associate any position on cord with an existing Greenhouse position. Clicking on a position and scrolling all the way down to the section called ‘Link your ATS position’, a drop down will provide the available positions. Once a position has been selected, scroll down and click on “Save Position” to complete the association.



Add Candidates to Greenhouse

Once a conversation is started with a candidate on cord, you can send them to greenhouse using the ‘send to your ATS’ icon seen on the top right.


Auto Forwarding candidates

You can send candidates who start conversations to the positions they are associated with automatically. This can be turned on and off in the settings & billing page.