Manage recruiting agencies in Greenhouse Recruiting

If you work with agencies, Greenhouse Recruiting includes an agency portal where agencies can submit candidates in one convenient location. This portal is a simplified version of the Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard where the recruiter can see a limited list of their candidates and available jobs. 

Agency and recruiter setup

Before agency recruiters can access the Agency Portal, you'll need to set up an agency and assign a recruiter to the correct jobs.

Add an agency and assign a recruiter to a job.

Agencies can be created on the Agencies page.


When you're ready to create a new agency, click Add Agency to create a new source.


Next, click Add Recruiter to register a new recruiter account. After you enter their name and email address, the recruiter will receive an enrollment email to create an account.


Click here for more information on creating an agency.

Assign job to a recruiter

After a recruiter account has been created, click Add/Remove Jobs to assign them to a job post.


Select the jobs that the recruiter should have access to. In the agency portal, recruiters will only be able to submit candidates to their assigned posts.

Deactivate the recruiter

If you need to remove a recruiter, select the Disable Recruiter button on their recruiter profile.


For additional guidance, visit Deactivate agency recruiter.

Resend enrollment instructions

You can resend a recruiter's enrollment email by selecting the button next to their name.


If you need to modify the recruiter's information, select Edit Icon_-_Edit.png

The agency portal

When the recruiter logs into the agency portal, they will only be able to view whether candidates they referred for their assigned jobs are active or hired. 


Site Admins can allow recruiters to see the interview stage under Configure > Permissions Policies. Giving recruiters access to this information will reduce the amount of communication required to keep agency recruiters up-to-date.


Identify an agency submission

During application review, an agency-referred candidate will be marked in the top right corner of their candidate profile.


Additionally, a list of available candidates can be found under the Agencies tab.


Job Admins can configure additional notifications so that specific users receive emails when an agency recruiter submits a candidate for a job. This setup is completed on the Job Boards & Posts page.


Click here for more information.