Permissions: Site Admins, and Job Admins who can invite and deactivate agency recruiters

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting includes Agencies, which allows the recruiting agencies you work with to submit candidates for your jobs in one convenient location. Agency recruiters can use their Agencies dashboard to review your available jobs and submit candidates.

Set up a new agency

Before agency recruiters can access the Agencies homepage, you'll need to add an agency and the agency's recruiters to your organization's account.

Add an agency

Agencies can be created from the Agencies tab in Configure.

Configure page with Agencies tab highlighted

When you're ready to create a new agency, click Add agency to create a new source.

Configure page in Greenhouse Recruiting with Agencies tab opened and Add agency button highlighted

Add recruiters to an agency

Next, click Add Recruiter to register a new recruiter account. After you enter their name and email address, the recruiter will receive an enrollment email to create an account.

Configure page in Greenhouse Recruiting with Agencies tab opened and Add recruiter button highlighted

Click here for more information on creating an agency.

Assign a job to an agency recruiter

After you've added a recruiter to an agency account, click Add/remove jobs to assign them to one or more of your organization's jobs.

Agency recruiter page opened in Agencies tab in Configure page with Add remove job button highlighted

Select the jobs that the recruiter should have access to. Recruiters will only be able to submit candidates to their assigned jobs in Agencies.

Deactivate an agency recruiter

If you need to remove a recruiter, select the Deactivate recruiter button on their recruiter profile.

Agency recruiter page from Agencies tab on Configure page with Disable recruiter button highlighted

For additional guidance, check out Deactivate agency recruiter.

Resend enrollment instructions

If you've invited an agency recruiter and they haven't created their account yet, you can resend their enrollment email by selecting the button next to their name.

Invited agency recruiter info in Greenhouse Recruiting with resend button highlighted

If you need to modify the recruiter's information, click the pencil icon to edit their details.

Configure agency recruiter permissions

When the recruiter logs in to Agencies, they'll only be able to view whether candidates they referred for their assigned jobs are active or hired. 

Site Admins can allow recruiters to see the interview stage under Configure > Permissions Policies. Giving recruiters access to this information will reduce the amount of communication required to keep agency recruiters up-to-date.

Agencies permission section on the Permission policies page in Configure

Identify an agency submission

During application review, candidates submitted by an agency will be marked with an Agency tag in Candidate details. The agency and agency recruiter that submitted this candidate will also be listed under Source.

Candidate details in application review with agency submitted candidate showing Agency tag and source

You can also check whether a candidate was submitted by an agency in their candidate profile. 

The Activity Feed will list when an agency submitted this candidate to your job.

Candidate profile Activity Feed with agency submission activity highlighted

The Details tab will list the candidate's agency and agency recruiter under Source & Responsibility.

Candidate profile Details tab with agency source highlighted

Configure agency submission notifications

Job Admins can configure notifications so that specific users receive emails when an agency submits a job candidate.

From the job's dashboard, navigate to Job SetupNotifications.

Scroll to Candidate Notifications.

Click Configure next to New Agency Submissions.

Use the dropdown to select the users in your organization who should be notified about agency submissions. Click Save when you're done.

New agency submissions notification settings with Configure button highlighted

Learn more about configuring agency submission notifications.