Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

When an HRIS Link sync is initially enabled, your Greenhouse technical consultant will trigger a one-time import that updates Greenhouse Recruiting records and ensures data is in sync with your HRIS. 

Once HRIS Link is running, data is updated in Greenhouse Recruiting only if there's an update to the data in the HRIS report. This means if someone in your organization makes an update to a job, department, office, or user in Greenhouse Recruiting, that update won’t necessarily be overwritten the next time HRIS Link runs. Data will only be overwritten in Greenhouse Recruiting the next time an update is made to that job, department, office, or user in your HRIS.

Example: If you were to update the cost center for a job in Greenhouse Recruiting from Operations to Engineering, but there was no change to the corresponding job in your HRIS, Engineering would remain selected as the cost center on the job in Greenhouse Recruiting until an update is made to the job in your HRIS.

To prevent data from falling out of sync between your HRIS and Greenhouse Recruiting, we recommend leveraging the API only setting on job custom fields where your HRIS should be the source of truth. This locks down the field and prevents users from making manual updates in Greenhouse Recruiting. Check out Harvest-only custom job fields to learn more.