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Greenhouse Recruiting

  • We're excited to share the Job Ad Market is now available in open beta! Job Ad Market allows your organization to purchase individual job ads from thousands of third-party job boards using a streamlined process directly within Greenhouse Recruiting. Contact your Customer Success Manager or the Greenhouse Support team to enable the feature in your account. 





Bug fixes

  • In Greenhouse Recruiting, some users received We couldn't process your calendar invite email errors after attempting to schedule via the Calendly integration
  • Users frequently encountered an error when clicking to preview a document that had been downloaded from DocuSign and then manually uploaded to Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • The Prospecting plugin didn't consistently apply the job selected in the Consider for field to prospects, resulting in some prospects unintentionally being created as unattached. 
  • Invalid characters in the Social media or Website URL candidate fields resulted in an error when attempting to open a candidate export file in Excel. 
  • In the Harvest API, a request to the PATCH: Update Current Offer endpoint sometimes inadvertently cleared the offer's opening ID.
  • In Greenhouse Onboarding, the invite link in the Your Next Steps email was broken if the email was not sent immediately upon creating the new hire.