With just-in-time position export, jobs originate in Greenhouse Recruiting and are exported to your HRIS platform upon candidate hire. The position, candidate, and worker record data all come from Greenhouse Recruiting via a web hook. This option is recommended if Greenhouse Recruiting can be the source of truth for job data.


  • Relevant job and / or offer field options are kept in sync using custom option sync.
  • Workday®️ Studio (or other middleware)
  • Greenhouse Recruiting web hook configuration

Note: Any job and / or offer field options that are not kept in sync via custom option sync must be manually maintained.

Just-in-time position workflow

  1. Create a job in Greenhouse Recruiting, ensuring HRIS platform position requirements are captured.
  2. Hire candidate into the Greenhouse Recruiting job to trigger the candidate hired web hook.
  3. Export job data to your HRIS platform to create the position.
  4. Export application, candidate, and offer data to your HRIS platform to create the hire record and place them in the just-created position.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Workday®️.

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