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Greenhouse Recruiting

  • The stage transitions send forms feature is now available, allowing organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription to automatically email a form to a candidate when they are moved to a specified stage. Sending forms automatically at the appropriate step in the interview process reduces the time spent on manual work, and allows your recruiting team to more efficiently collect the information you need. Click here to learn more.


  • HRIS Link documentation is available in the Support Center! HRIS Link allows you to easily import jobs, users, offices, and departments from Workday®️, and can be purchased by organizations with an Expert subscription. Resources include setup guidance, report specifications, error reference guides, and more. Click here to browse the full collection of articles. 



Date Description
April 21, 2021 Added ability to change external_id for custom field options.




Bug fixes

  • In Greenhouse Recruiting, downgrading a user's permissions (From Site Admin to Job Admin or Basic, or from Job Admin to Basic) removed the user as a default interviewer from any interviews where they were previously assigned. We apologize for any trouble this caused your team. 
  • When configuring a take-home test, checking the box for Hide candidate name and details from grader made the EditCreate New Scorecard, and Delete Scorecard options on submitted scorecards invisible. 


  • Referral-based automated job post request emails were not sent if the candidate's referrer was a Basic user. 
  • Organizations without the Report Builder feature were unable to generate a Candidate Report from the All Candidates page. 
  • In Harvest API, attempting to PATCH an external_id value via the{id}/custom_field_options endpoint required users to replace the external_id key with the offsite_hris_id key in the options array. 
  • When paginating through rejection reasons in Harvest API, the order sometimes shifted, causing pagination to be inconsistent. 

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