This article is intended for customers who are currently working on an HRIS integration and need to extract the Greenhouse Recruiting job IDs for their template jobs. Greenhouse Recruiting users can extract this information either from the Greenhouse Recruiting UI or by using the Harvest API. This article covers both of the noted methods.

Before gathering this information, you must create the template jobs. We recommend reviewing the following documentation on template jobs:

Once your organization has created template jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting, you can extract the job IDs from either the Greenhouse Recruiting UI or the Harvest API.


Retrieve an individual job ID from the Greenhouse Recruiting UI

  1. From the My Dashboard page, click All Jobs.
  2. Click the template job for which you’d like to obtain the job ID.
  3. Copy the ID that is appended to the URL, as shown below.

Greenhouse Recruiting job URL structure:{JOB_ID}


Retrieve multiple job IDs from the Greenhouse Recruiting UI

  1. Navigate to All Jobs.
  2. Filter as needed (for example, ensure job status = All).
  3. Check the box for Show only template jobs.
  4. Check the box to select all jobs.
  5. Click Download Stage by Job Report.


This export includes a list of all Greenhouse Recruiting template jobs along with the corresponding job ID in column B (you can ignore the stage details).



Retrieve job IDs via the Harvest API

Use the GET: List Jobs Harvest API endpoint to retrieve the job ID values needed to fill the “template_job_id.” In the JSON output, template jobs are identified by is_template. This may be true, false, or null. Null is an indication the job was created before the template job feature existed.

Example Request:

curl -X GET \
-H 'Authorization: Basic *******' \

Example Response:

Example JSON:

"id": 6404,
"name": "Archaeologist",
"requisition_id": "abc123",
"notes": "<p>Resistance to electro-magnetic radiation a plus!</p>",
"confidential": false,
"status": "closed",
"created_at": "2013-12-10T14:42:58Z",
"opened_at": "2013-12-11T14:42:58Z",
"closed_at": "2013-12-12T14:42:58Z",
"updated_at": "2013-12-12T14:42:58Z",
"is_template": false,
"copied_from_id": 2345,
"departments": [
"id": 25907,
"name": "Second-Level department",
"parent_id": 25908,
"child_ids": [14510],
"external_id": "12345"