This article is intended for people who are currently working on an HRIS integration and need to extract Greenhouse Recruiting job IDs from your template jobs. Once your organization has created template jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting, you can extract the job IDs in a few different ways – either in-app in Greenhouse Recruiting or programmatically by using Greenhouse Recruiting's Harvest API.

Retrieve a job ID in Greenhouse Recruiting

To retrieve an individual job ID in-app in Greenhouse Recruiting, select All Jobs from your navigation bar, and find the template job in your list of jobs. Click the job and note the URL shown in your browser – the job ID is the last numerical string on the URL.

Example: The Greenhouse Recruiting job URL structure is{JOB_ID}. In the example below, the job ID is 1234567890.

Retrieve multiple job IDs in Greenhouse Recruiting

To retrieve multiple job IDs in-app in Greenhouse Recruiting, select All Jobs from your navigation bar. Select Filter to apply any necessary filters, and be sure to check Show only template jobs.

Check the box to select all resulting jobs in your list.

Click Download Stage by Job Report at the top-right.

The resulting report includes a list of all Greenhouse Recruiting template jobs along with the corresponding job ID in column B.

Retrieve job IDs programmatically using Harvest API

To retrieve job IDs programmatically using Greenhouse Recruiting's Harvest API, reference the GET: List Jobs endpoint to retrieve the job ID values needed for the "template_job_id."

In the JSON output, template jobs are identified by is_template. This may be true, false, or null. Null is an indication the job was created before the template job feature existed.

Example request

curl -X GET \
-H 'Authorization: Basic *******' \

Example JSON response

"id": 6404,
"name": "Archaeologist",
"requisition_id": "abc123",
"notes": "<p>Resistance to electro-magnetic radiation a plus!</p>",
"confidential": false,
"status": "closed",
"created_at": "2013-12-10T14:42:58Z",
"opened_at": "2013-12-11T14:42:58Z",
"closed_at": "2013-12-12T14:42:58Z",
"updated_at": "2013-12-12T14:42:58Z",
"is_template": false,
"copied_from_id": 2345,
"departments": [
"id": 25907,
"name": "Second-Level department",
"parent_id": 25908,
"child_ids": [14510],
"external_id": "12345"