Maintain your organization's HRIS Link integration


Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link programmatically syncs updates from your HRIS to Greenhouse Recruiting for jobs, users, and offices / departments. Once HRIS Link is successfully enabled for your organization, you're empowered to maintain the integration yourself. Maintaining HRIS Link over time can ensure data parity between your HRIS and Greenhouse Recruiting, reduce the chance for human or programmatic errors, and keep your recruiting operation humming at full-speed.

We recommend that owners of your organization's HRIS Link integration bookmark this article for ongoing self-service of the integration.

Maintain HRIS Link ISUs and report URLs


You should maintain your HRIS Link ISU (integration system user) credentials to ensure they are current and have access to the reports used for your HRIS Link integration. You can read more about HRIS Link and ISUs here.

Note: The HRIS Link ISU should be a Site Admin with all user-specific permissions. You can read more about creating an ISU for HRIS Link here: How to create a Greenhouse Recruiting integration system user (ISU) for HRIS Link.

HRIS Link report URLs

You should regularly check that your HRIS Link report URLs are correct and active. You can read more about the report specifications for each of the HRIS Link options below:

If your HRIS Link ISU or report URLs have changed, click here to open a ticket with Greenhouse Support so that we can update these for you.

Note: Don't include any sensitive information such as credentials or passwords in your initial ticket. Greenhouse Support will request that you share any updated URLs or credentials via a secure method using SendSafely.

HRIS Link email notifications

When your organization enables HRIS Link, you'll choose an email address to receive HRIS Link notifications. You should regularly audit the HRIS Link email notifications received by your organization. You can read more about the different HRIS Link email notifications here: HRIS Link notifications.

For more information on specific error notifications, check out these resources:

If you're unable to resolve an error with HRIS Link, click here to open a ticket with Greenhouse Support. Be sure to include the following details in your ticket:

  • The workflow ID (found in the error notification email)
  • Any pertinent details on the issue