Maintain organization's HRIS Link integration


This article is intended for organizations that are using HRIS Link and would like guidance around maintaining the integration.

What are the HRIS Link integrations that can be enabled?

What can I do to make sure my HRIS Link integration is maintained?

  • Audit your HRIS report URLs and ISU Credentials to ensure they are current and have access to the reports used for your HRIS Link integration.
    • If either has changed, click here to open a ticket with Greenhouse Support, but do not include the credentials in the initial communication with Greenhouse Support. The Greenhouse Support team will request you share the updated URL and/or credentials via a secure channel, such as SendSafely.

  • Audit the HRIS Link Greenhouse Recruiting user to ensure the permissions have not changed or updated.
    • The HRIS Link user in Greenhouse Recruiting should be a Site Admin with all user-specific permissions enabled. Changes to these permissions could impact the integration.

  • Audit the HRIS Link email logs received by your organization. If you see a particular error occurs for multiple runs of HRIS Link, reference the error documentation linked below in the Additional resources section to attempt to resolve the issue. If you are unable to resolve an issue using the information and resources provided, click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Support team. Be sure to include the following details in your ticket:
    • The workflow ID (found in the error notification)
    • Details on the issue

  • If you wish to add additional custom fields to the report, please see the following Support Center article: How To: Add custom fields for an HRIS Link integration

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