How many job templates should my organization have for HRIS Link?

We suggest your organization use fewer than 10 job templates if at all possible. Introducing more templates increases the overall complexity and maintenance of your HRIS Link integration.

Can I still update job information directly in Greenhouse?

Yes, you can still make job information updates in Greenhouse Recruiting, but we recommend you restrict users’ permissions to do so. HRIS Link does not send Greenhouse Recruiting data back into your HRIS; therefore updating job information in Greenhouse Recruiting will result in mismatched data with your HRIS.

What fields should I map from Workday to Greenhouse Recruiting?

If there are important pieces of information you would like to track and report on in Greenhouse Recruiting during the recruiting process for job information, such as salary requirements, business unit, worker type, job level, or otherwise; we recommend including these in the report. You can discuss this in further detail with your Greenhouse Technical Consultant.


Are there any limits to the number of “Open” openings in Greenhouse with the HRIS Link integration?

The Greenhouse application has a limit of 100 “open” openings on a given Job Requisition in Greenhouse. 

If you are leveraging an evergreen requisition workflow to add positions to the open requisition in your HRIS, please note the below suggested filter and limitation to put in your HRIS instance:

  • Positions < 100 “open” positions
  • Limit the “number of openings” in your HRIS to = 100 “open” positions/openings.


Can I ask Greenhouse Support for assistance troubleshooting HRIS Link errors?

Yes, Greenhouse Support can assist with troubleshooting HRIS Link errors. If you are unable to resolve an issue using the information and resources provided, click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Support team. Be sure to include the following details in your ticket:

  • The workflow ID (found in the error notification)
  • Details about the issue


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