Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link allows you to use HRIS reports to easily import and update jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting. This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about importing jobs with HRIS Link.

Note: HRIS Link currently only supports Workday®️.

How many job templates should my organization have for HRIS Link?

We suggest your organization use fewer than ten job templates if at all possible. Introducing more than ten templates increases the overall complexity and maintenance of your HRIS Link integration.

How does syncing multiple job updates (on 500+ jobs) affect HRIS Link?

HRIS Link will run every 15 minutes once enabled. HRIS Link leverages Greenhouse Harvest API to create and update jobs in your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

When there are more than 500 open jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting that are utilizing HRIS Link, adding or updating fields in your integration may take longer than 15 minutes, causing unexpected integration errors.

In this case, reach out to HRIS Link support to request an integration pause to accommodate the field updates.

A member of our team will arrange a time to pause the integration to allow your team to update your report. After your team confirms the report has been updated, our team will manually push an integration run and verify successful completion.

Can I still update job information directly in Greenhouse Recruiting?

Yes, you can still make updates to jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting with HRIS Link. However, we advise against these changes since HRIS Link does not send Greenhouse Recruiting data back into your HRIS. Allowing users to update job information in Greenhouse Recruiting may result in mismatched data between Greenhouse Recruiting and your HRIS.

Can I leverage a bulk import functionality in my HRIS to import requisitions / positions while HRIS Link is running?

We advise against performing bulk imports of positions / requisitions into your HRIS without pausing the HRIS Link integration in Greenhouse Recruiting. Because HRIS Link runs on a 15-minute cadence, if any integration run takes longer than 15 minutes to complete, there could be downstream integration errors and jobs may not be configured appropriately in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Pausing the integration to complete a bulk import will ensure that your full integration run completes successfully without errors.

We recommend reaching out to your Greenhouse Technical Consultant to pause the integration if you are importing more than 15 - 20 requisitions / positions to your HRIS. Your Greenhouse Technical Consultant will pause the HRIS Link integration, manually trigger an integration run, and then re-enable polling after successful completion.

Should I re-use position IDs?

If you're importing jobs from Workday®️ without job requisitions enabled, we don't recommend that you re-use position IDs. HRIS Link looks for a job match based on the requisition_id on the HRIS Link job import report. If your organization re-uses position IDs, the integration would tell Greenhouse Recruiting to re-open the historical requisition, rather than to create a new job / requisition in Greenhouse Recruiting which could result in an error on HRIS Link.

We suggest that you don't re-use position IDs from Workday®️, and instead create new positions for any backfills. If you must re-use position IDs, consider implementing logic for when position ids are reused so that additional characters are added to the position_id.

Example: When reusing position ID in Workday®️, apply "-n" (n being iterated on) for the requisition_id for the HRIS Link report.

What fields should I map from Workday®️ to Greenhouse Recruiting?

When mapping your HRIS Link job import report in Workday®️, we recommend including the data you would like to track and report on during the recruiting process, such as a job's salary requirements, business unit, worker type, and job level.

Is there any limit to the number of 'open' openings in Greenhouse Recruiting with the HRIS Link integration?

Greenhouse Recruiting has a limit of 100 'open' openings on a given job or requisition.

If you're leveraging an evergreen workflow to add positions to the open requisition in your HRIS, use the suggested filter and limitation below in your HRIS instance:

  • Positions < 100 'open' positions.
  • Limit the 'number of openings' in your HRIS to = 100 'open' positions / openings.

Does HRIS Link support opening custom fields?

HRIS Link does not currently support assigning opening custom field values. If you have opening custom fields that are marked as required in your Greenhouse Recruiting instance, the Harvest API requires that values be provided for said opening custom fields when creating new job openings. If an opening custom field is required in Greenhouse Recruiting, HRIS Link will encounter downstream integration errors due to this Harvest API restriction, so we recommend removing the required setting from any opening custom fields prior to enabling HRIS Link.

Does HRIS Link support 'job management' with Workday®️?

Currently, HRIS Link doesn't support job management with Workday®️. HRIS Link requires opening IDs to operate. Using HRIS Link with job management mode on Workday®️ could cause unexpected integration behavior.

How does HRIS Link add openings to open requisitions?

HRIS Link will audit the Position{} group on the report to see if there are new opening IDs that don't match the existing opening IDs in Greenhouse Recruiting.

If the opening IDs on the HRIS Link report don't match the opening IDs in Greenhouse Recruiting, the new opening IDs will be added to Greenhouse Recruiting.

Will HRIS Link detect changes to job fields that are only at time of creation fields like number_of_openings?

Yes. When using HRIS Link for job import, HRIS Link will detect changes to any field within a given job's payload, including on only at time of creation fields like number_of_openings or job_post_name. Be sure to accommodate this in any field updates.

Example: Should number_of_openings change to 0, your team should also update the status field to be filled or open so as not to trigger any unintended integration behavior.

Does HRIS Link update 'closed' jobs / requisitions?

HRIS Link will automatically close a Greenhouse Recruiting job when the corresponding Workday®️ job / requisition is closed in your HRIS. HRIS Link will also update any job field values on 'closed' requisitions in Greenhouse Recruiting if the field updates in the HRIS with the 'closed' requisition on the HRIS Link report.

Since HRIS Link will update field values on closed Greenhouse Recruiting jobs if any field value is updated on 'closed' requisitions in the HRIS, we recommend the following processes and HRIS Link report filters:

  • Do not edit 'closed' jobs / requisitions in your HRIS.
  • Apply a filter to the HRIS Link report to remove jobs with 'closed' HRIS statuses (filled/closed/frozen) after they’ve been in a closed status for > 1 day.

Note: If your organization follows a process of updating data on closed requisitions or positions, talk with your team about removing or adjusting the filter that removes closed requisitions from the HRIS Link report. For example, your organization may want to adjust the filter to remove closed jobs after 30 days rather than just one.

Can Greenhouse Technical Support help troubleshoot HRIS Link errors?

Yes, Greenhouse Technical Support can assist with HRIS Link errors.

If you're unable to resolve an issue using the information in our Support Center, click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Technical Support team. Be sure to include the following details in your ticket:

  • The workflow ID (found in the error notification)
  • Details about the issue

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