Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with IntelliCorp allows you to initiate and track IntelliCorp screening orders in real time. You can also access a detailed screening reported from Greenhouse Recruiting through an encrypted link.

Configure user setup permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting

Contact a Greenhouse Recruiting user in your organization with Site Admin level permissions with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions to apply the following permissions to your account:

  • Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials
  • Can manage and configure web hooks

You can double check your permissions by having a Site Admin edit your user account's permissions to your user page (Configure icon > Users > Your Name).

The user with Site Admin level permissions should navigate to the Permissions panel on your user page and expand the Developer Permissions dropdown menu.

Verify that Can manage and configure web hooks and Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials are checked under the Developer Permissions section and click Save.

In addition to the above developer permission, the user configuring the integration should have a Site Admin permission level or a Job Admin permission level and the additional user-specific permission Can manage custom fields.

Create a Harvest API key in Greenhouse Recruiting

Navigate to the API Credential Management page via Configure icon > Dev Center > API Credential Management.

From the API Credential Management page, click Create New API Key to generate the API key for IntelliCorp.

In the Create New Credential dialog box, name your API key and select Harvest from the Type dropdown menu. When you're finished, click Manage Permissions.


On the Manage API Key Permissions page, select the following:


  • GET: Retrieve Application


  • GET: Retrieve Candidate
  • PATCH: Edit Candidate
  • POST: Add Note

Custom Field Options

  • GET: Custom field options
  • POST: Create custom field options
  • DELETE: Remove custom field options
  • PATCH: Update custom field options

Custom Fields

  • GET: Get custom fields


  • GET: Retrieve Job


  • GET: Retrieve Office

When you're finished, click Update.

Your Harvest API key for the Greenhouse Recruiting / IntelliCorp integration is created and configured.

Provide your Harvest API key to your IntelliCorp onboarding team so they can set up the integration. The Harvest API key will be used to auto-populate information in the Account and Package Custom Job Fields you will set up later in the configuration process.

Create the IntelliCorp web hooks in Greenhouse Recruiting

Click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, and click Dev Center on the left. From the Dev Center page, click Web Hooks. Click Web Hooks again.

Enter the following details in the Create A New Web Hook page:

  • Name: You can name the web hook whatever makes sense for your organization. We suggest the following names for each web hook:

For test environment: IntelliCorp Screening – Test

For production environment: IntelliCorp Screening Integration

  • When: Candidate has changed stage
  • Endpoint URL:

For test environment:

For production environment:

  • Secret Key: Provided by Intellicorp
  • Advanced settings

Basic Authorization Credentials: The username and password provided by Intellicorp

Note: You will need to repeat this process twice to create two web hooks: one for your test environment, and one for your production environment.

When you're finished, select Create Web Hook.

That's it! Your Greenhouse account and IntelliCorp account can now talk to each other. These settings send data to Intellicorp when a candidate is moved between stages for a job.

Verify offices are created in Greenhouse Recruiting

IntelliCorp uses the city, state, and country associated with an office to determine the position location, which is used by IntelliCorp for different tasks, including Adverse Action communication.

You will need to have offices defined in Greenhouse Recruiting to send the full information to Intellicorp. These options are selected from a standard list when setting up Greenhouse Recruiting.

Verify that the correct offices are created when setting up this integration.

To learn more about how to add a new office in Greenhouse Recruiting, click here.

Create custom job fields

You will need to create the following two custom job fields to support the IntelliCorp integration:

  • Account: IntelliCorp Account
  • Package: IntelliCorp Package

After you set up the custom fields, you'll need to add them to each job requisition to send the information to Intellicorp.

To create new custom fields, click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, then click Custom Options on the left.

Under the Company Custom Fields section, click Jobs.

On the Manage Job Fields page, click Add Field.

On the New Job Field page, provide the following details:

  • Field Name: Account
  • Type: Single-select

Click Save at the bottom of the page when finished.

Repeat these steps to create a second custom job field using the following details:

  • Field Name: Package
  • Type: Single-select

The selection options for these Custom Job Fields will be added to your Greenhouse Recruiting account by IntelliCorp using the Harvest API key you configured previously.

Create custom candidate field

The IntelliCorp integration requires one custom candidate field:

  • Results: To display IntelliCorp results in real-time on the candidate’s profile, results from multiple searches are displayed in this field

To create the custom candidate field, click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, then click Custom Options on the left.

Under the Company Custom Fields section, click Candidates.

On the Manage Candidate Fields page, click Add Field.

On the New Candidate Field page, provide the following details:

  • Field Name: Results
  • Type: Long textbox

Click Save at the bottom of the page when finished.

Configure job requisitions

To use the IntelliCorp integration, you'll need to configure each job with the appropriate IntelliCorp options.

To configure a requisition, navigate to the Job Info panel (Job > Job Setup > Job Info).

Verify that an office, Account, and Package are selected for the job.

Repeat this process for each job where you intend to submit candidates to IntelliCorp background screening.

Configure background screening stages

Follow the sections below to incorporate background check stages into your interview plan.

Open the interview plan (Jobs > select job > Job Setup > Interview Plan).

Click Add Stage in the top right corner of the page.

Select Background Check and click Add.

Note: If you're using a Secondary Background Check, you can repeat this process with the Intellicorp stage. If the stage doesn't exist, you can create it.

Click and drag the Background Check stage to the right location in your interview plan.

(Optional) Complete setup for secondary background screenings

Secondary Background Screenings are an optional part of the integration that allows users to order more packages beyond the single one configured on each job.

To integrate secondary background screenings with Greenhouse Recruiting, complete the following steps:

Contact your Intellicorp representative ( to request your API key. Once you have received your API key, click here to open a ticket with Greenhouse Technical Support.

Note: Do not send the API key in this initial email. Wait until the Greenhouse Technical Support team provides a secure messaging link to send the API key.

Send your API Key to Greenhouse Technical Support using a SendSafely link. Once sent, Greenhouse Technical Support will be notified of your response. Once the setup is complete, you'll receive an email confirmation from Greenhouse Technical Support.

Note: To verify your identity, Greenhouse Technical Support might request you provide a Support Verification Code before adding the API key to your organization's account.

Initiate background screening

During the interview process, when the candidate is moved to the Background Check stage, the candidate receives an email from IntelliCorp to complete their IntelliCorp profile for screening. This email includes consent and authorization steps.

Once the candidate completes their IntelliCorp profile, IntelliCorp automatically updates the custom fields in Greenhouse Recruiting like Status, Results, and Last Update. You can see this information on the Details tab of the candidate's profile.

(Optional) Initiate secondary background screenings

When your organization is set up for a secondary background screening and a candidate is moved to the Secondary Background Check stage, the Status and Search Results will appear in the candidate’s Results field. You can click Send Text to start a secondary background check.

Once you started the check, you can choose the specific package from the Test dropdown menu.

Additional resources

For any information or troubleshooting not covered here, reach out to IntelliCorp Support at