Passion Placement is a job board and career resource that focuses on plant-based foods, alternative protein, the environment, and building a sustainable, animal-free food system. It’s a place where employers can find like-minded, passionate, and driven people looking to make a difference through their work.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Passion Placement allows your organization to automatically post your jobs to the Passion Placement job board. In this article, we will cover how to:

Note: To use the Greenhouse Recruiting / Passion Placement integration, you must purchase an Unlimited Membership (a low-cost 3-month plan) on



Obtain job board token in Greenhouse Recruiting

To enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / Passion Placement integration, you need your Greenhouse Recruiting job board token. To obtain the token, begin by clicking the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner. On the subsequent page, click Job Boards & Posts in the left-hand panel.


From the Configure Job Boards page, click the ellipsis icon Ellipsis_2.png inline with the job board you wish to integrate with Passion Placement. From the subsequent dropdown, click Edit board settings


Scroll down the Edit Your Job Board page to the URL field and copy the information in the text field. This is your job board token. 


For Passion Placement to display your job information automatically, you must send your job board token to Please include the words Greenhouse Token in the email subject line.


Use Greenhouse Recruiting / Passion Placement integration

The Greenhouse Recruiting / Passion Placement integration allows your career specialists to save time and energy by having job information, jobs, changes and from this highly targeted job board automatically uploaded. When a  position is entered or a change is made to a posting on your Greenhouse Recruiting account, the data will automatically flow through to on a daily basis through the use of your Greenhouse Recruiting board token. 


When a candidate on decides to apply for a position the Apply for this job button on links them directly to your Greenhouse Recruiting apply landing page for each prospective position. The candidate is transferred to and begins their application process on your Greenhouse Recruiting platform.  


Candidate is seamlessly routed to the Apply landing page and the application is entered directly on your Greenhouse Recruiting platform.




Get help

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