The Equifax integration allows you to automatically take potential new hires from Greenhouse Recruiting and submit them to Equifax for a Candidate Verification Summary. This integration is completely seamless with your Greenhouse Recruiting account and does not require you to log into a third-party application or website.

In simple terms, this configuration works by creating a custom candidate fields to automatically detect when a candidate has moved to a new stage in the interview process. When a candidate is moved to the correct step, they are automatically enrolled in a Candidate Verification. Once the candidate's verification has been completed, their progress is sent back to Greenhouse Recruiting to proceed with the interview process. Recruiters can then easily view the results of the verification in the candidate's profile.


Note: To set up this configuration, you need an Endpoint URL and Secret Key from Equifax Customer Success.


Configure the integration in Greenhouse Recruiting

To configure the subscription in Greenhouse Recruiting, you need the following permissions:

  • Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials
  • Can manage custom fields
  • Can create new job stage names

Note: If you do not have the permissions outlined above, contact a Site Admin Greenhouse user in your organization with the user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions to update your account. Permissions can be managed under the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png  > Users > Your Name.


Create Harvest API key in Greenhouse Recruiting

To create a Harvest API key, click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png in the upper-right corner and navigate to Dev Center in the left panel.


Click API Credential Management in the Dev Center.


Select Create New API Key.

Choose Harvest API as the API Type

Select Equifax in the Partner field.

Enter a description for the key and click Manage Permissions.

Click Copy to place your API key in your clipboard. This key must be used to configure the Equifax application. If you lose this API key, you will need to redo this setup.


With the API key copied, click I have stored the API Key. The Manage Permissions page is displayed.

Select all of the Get and Patch checkboxes in each of the following categories:

  • Candidates
  • Custom Field Options
  • Custom Fields

Create an Equifax webhook

A webhook ensures that Greenhouse Recruiting and Equifax have a way to communicate with one another. You can create a webhook in the Dev Center

To create a new webhook, click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Dev Center in the left panel.


Select Web Hooks.

On the next page, choose Web Hooks in the center panel to create a new webhook.


Enter a name for the webhook. 

Select Candidate has changed stage from the When dropdown menu.

Enter the Endpoint URL and Secret key in the available fields. 

Click Advanced settings and re-enter the secret key in the Username field.

Click Create Web hook.


Create Candidate Custom Fields

Click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png in the upper-right corner and navigate to Custom Options in the left panel.

Select Candidates under Company Custom Fields

Click Add Field and create the following fields:

Field Name

Field Type

Prescreen Status

Short Textbox

Prescreen Message

Long Textbox

Prescreen URL


Now that the fields are configured, Equifax will provide a Candidate Verification Summary status, the date the report is completed, and (when applicable) a link to the Background Check Report. 


Create a Prescreen stage in your Interview Plan

You  must create a specific stage in your interview plan to account for the Equifax Employment Verification. This step must be defined in the Interview Plan for each job where you want to use the integration.

Tip: If you plan on using Equifax Employment Verification for all your job roles, you may want to add this interview step to your Job Templates.

Create a new job as normal, but stop when you get to the Interview Plan.

Click the Add a Stage button.

Type Prescreen in the Create New Stage box.


Click Add.

Finish editing your interview plan as normal. When you're done, click Next and and complete the listing by defining the hiring team, job post, and email notifications.


Using the Candidate Verification Summary 

Start the Candidate Verification Summary

Navigate to a candidate who is ready to move on to the Prescreen stage of their interview plan.

Click the On Job tab and select Stage on the left side of the page.

Click Move Stage and select the Prescreen stage in the window.


After you move a candidate to the Prescreen stage, the webhook and integration take over and automatically start the Candidate Verification Summary.

The candidate will receive an invitation text message or email to provide their consent and authorization for the Candidate Verification Summary Report. The email and text messages are sent to the candidate's email and number entered in Greenhouse Recruiting.


Candidate consent

The candidate must provide their consent in order to perform a Candidate Verification Summary.

This consent process occurs outside of Greenhouse Recruiting and is used to capture the candidates e-Signature and their Social Security Number.


Checking Candidate Verification Summary status in Greenhouse Recruiting

You can quickly reference the candidate's status in Greenhouse Recruiting without navigating to another app. 

Navigate to the candidate profile and click the Details tab.

Scroll to the Additional Details section and locate the Prescreen Status, Prescreen Message, and Prescreen URL fields.


The Prescreen Status can be one of the following four values:

  • Consent Pending: The candidate has received the invitation to provide their electronic consent, but have not completed it. 
  • Consent Complete: The candidate has received and completed their electronic consent, but a Prescreen URL is not yet available.
  • Consent Declined: The candidate declined to give their electronic consent.
  • Pre-Employment Complete: The candidate provided their consent and a Candidate Verification Summary URL is listed in the Prescreen URL field. 

Once a Prescreen URL is sent back from Equifax, you can click the link to view the full report in a new tab. 



Backend workflow

This workflow can be referenced by engineers to understand how the integration flows between Greenhouse Recruiting and Equifax.