Hiretual Talent Fusion




  • You should have a Hiretual Enterprise subscription and a valid Hiretual account.
  • Please contact your Hiretual Account Manager or Customer support to setup a Pro subscription
  • You should be the admin of your Hiretual Enterprise subscription.
  • You should be the site admin of your Greenhouse account.

Step 1: Configure Greenhouse Harvest on Hiretual

  • Go to Greenhouse Configure







Step 2: Configure Greenhouse Harvest on Hiretual

  • Go to Hiretual Settings/ATS & CRM




Step 3: Link your Greenhouse user account with your Hiretual account


Step 4: You should see an integration configuration page and a success message on the top right corner of the screen

Step 5: To enable candidate pulling from Greenhouse, read and accept “Hiretual’s Data Processing Addendum” and click on the ‘Enable’ button

**Note: Please contact Your Hiretual Customer Support to enable 2-way integration for Talent Fusion & Rediscovery

Step 6: Select push permission to push Hiretual candidates as prospects only or as candidates

  • Push permission configuration will allow team members to sync candidates from Hiretual to Greenhouse as prospects or to a particular job and stage.


Step 7: Map relevant candidate profile data fields between Hiretual and Greenhouse.

If you want to customize the data field mapping:

  • Select a Hiretual candidate profile field from the ‘All Fields in Hiretual’ field list and choose a suitable field from the Greenhouse profile fields dropdown.
  • If you want to attach a resume for each candidate when syncing from Hiretual to Greenhouse, select the ‘Attach Hiretual Resume’
  • If you want to sync notes and tags from Hiretual to Greenhouse, enable and map Hiretual Note and Tag fields with Greenhouse activity fields.


Step 8: Sync candidates between Hiretual and Greenhouse

Step 9: Go to the ‘Project’ page


Step 10: Click on ‘Export candidates’ button to export candidates profiles to the Greenhouse system

Step 11: In the Candidates listing, you will see a link to Greenhouse profile if available

Step 12: Configure Webhooks in Greenhouse for bidirectional Hiretual & Greenhouse ATS data sync

  • Go to Greenhouse Configure





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