Hiretual Talent Fusion and Greenhouse Recruiting integrations consolidate candidate information and team activities to streamline recruiting activities.


Hiretual Talent Fusion prerequisites

To configure this integration, you must have the following items set up with Hiretual:

  • A valid Hiretual Enterprise subscription
  • An admin account for Hiretual
  • A Pro subscription set up with Hiretual

Additionally, to configure the subscription in Greenhouse Recruiting, you need the developer permission Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials.

Note: If you do not have this permission, contact a Site Admin Greenhouse user in your organization with the Can edit another user's advanced permissions credentials to update your account. Permissions can be managed under the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png  > Users > Your Name > Developer Permissions.


Configure integration in Greenhouse Recruiting

A Partner API key is required to link your Hiretual account to your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

To create a Partner API key, click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Dev Center in the left panel.


Click API Credential Management in the Dev Center.


Choose Harvest API as the API Type

Select Hiretual in the Partner field.

Enter a description for the key and click Manage Permissions.


Click Copy to place your API key in your clipboard. This key must be used to configure the Hiretual application. If you lose this API key, you will need to redo this setup.


With the API key copied, click I have stored the API Key. The Manage Permissions page is displayed.

Select the entire category for these permissions:

  • Activity Feed
  • Applications
  • Candidates
  • Custom Field Options
  • Job Posts
  • Job Stages
  • Sources

Select these specific permissions for the following categories:

  • Custom Fields
    • Get: Get custom fields
  • Jobs
    • Get: Retrieve Job
    • Get: List Jobs
    • Patch: Update Job
    • Post: Create New Job 
  • Tags
    • Delete: Remove tag from candidate
    • Get: List tags applied to candidate
    • Get: List candidate tags
    • Post: Add New Candidate Tags
    • Put: Add candidate tag
  • Users
    • Get: Retrieve User
    • Get: List Users
    • Patch: Update a user
    • Get: List User Job Permissions
    • Get: List User Future Job Permissions
    • Patch: Enable User
    • Patch: Disable User
    • Put: Create a future job permission
    • Post: Add User
    • Post: Add User E-Mail Address

Select Save. The API key is added to your organization. 


Add Greenhouse Recruiting user permissions

Users must be given the Can manage unattached prospects (Job Admin only) permission to send candidates to and from Hiretual Talent Fusion.

Click the Configure icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Users


Select the admin user from the list.


Select the Can manage unattached prospects (Job Admin only) permission and click Update.



Add Greenhouse Recruiting API key to Hiretual Talent Fusion

To complete the integration, you must configure the other half of the integration in Hiretual Talent Fusion. 

Connect to the Greenhouse Recruiting API

Open Hiretual Settings/ATS & CRM

Navigate to the Integrations page (https://app.hiretual.com/settings/integration)

Click Connect next to the Greenhouse Harvest API. 

Enter the Greenhouse API information. 

Click Link to associate your accounts. 

Read and accept “Hiretual’s Data Processing Addendum” and click Enable to receive candidates from Greenhouse Recruiting.


Note: Contact Hiretual Customer Support to enable 2-way integration for Talent Fusion & Rediscovery

Select your push permissions for your organization

Select the correct Push Permission for your organization.  This setting allows team members to sync candidates between Hiretual and Greenhouse Recruiting to ensure they are on the same job and stage. Your can choose to limit this syncing to only prospects, applicants, or other combinations by selecting the button next to a specific option.

Configure your data mappings

Map relevant candidate profile data fields between Hiretual and Greenhouse on the Data Field Mapping page. 

To customize a data field mapping, select the Hiretual candidate profile field and choose the equivalent field in Greenhouse Recruiting from the dropdown menu. 

Additionally, select Attach Hiretual Resume to automatically attach a resume for each candidate when they are synced between Hiretual and Greenhouse Recruiting.

Complete the Note, Tag, and Emails data mappings at the bottom of the page and click Save.

When all the mapping is complete, click Save.

If your organization uses a customized domain, enter it in the Candidate Link Domain field at the bottom of the page.


Sync candidates between Hiretual and Greenhouse Recruiting

Navigate to the Project page. (https://app.hiretual.com/projects/****/candidates)

Select the candidate checkboxes.

Click Sync/Export.

Select the job to sync in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Select the stage for the candidate.

Click Export candidates to send the candidates to Greenhouse recruiting. 

Note: After a candidate has been synced, a link to their Greenhouse Recruiting profile will display.


Configure Greenhouse Recruiting webhooks

You can enable an automatic data sync by configuring webhooks in Greenhouse Recruiting.

To set up webhooks, you must take some information from Hiretual Talent Fusion and enter it into the Dev Center in Greenhouse Recruiting. 


Get webhook information from Hiretual Talent Fusion

Navigate to the Integrations page. 

Copy the Endpoint URLs, Webhooks, and Secret Key.


Configure webhooks in Greenhouse Recruiting

Click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png and navigate to the Dev Center.


Select Web Hooks in the left panel.

Select Web Hooks from the list of options. The Create New Web Hook page will display.


Enter a name for the webhook. 

Select Application Updated from the When dropdown menu. This setting ensures that new information is retrieved whenever an update occurs in Greenhouse Recruiting or Hiretual Talent Fusion.

Paste the Endpoint URL from Hiretual Talent Fusion into the Endpoint URL field.

Enter the Secret key into the available field.

Click Update Web Hook to activate it.


Prioritized customer support

If you run into any difficulties, the Hiretual team is responsive and supportive for any of customer requests.

For any questions or help, you can easily contact their support team at: support@hiretual.com