Permissions: Coordinator, Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Tasks are assignable actions performed by either new hires and / or select members of your organization as part of a new hire's onboarding plan.

Manually reassign a task

To manually reassign a task, navigate to the new hire profile that has the task to be reassigned.

Click the Tasks tab.

From the Tasks view, click the task to be reassigned.

From the Task detail box, click Edit Task.

Click the Assigned To dropdown to select a new assignee. Tasks can be assigned to either a specific employee or a Coworker field.

Note: If you reassign a task to a Coworker field that is not populated on the new hire's profile, no user will be notified or assigned to the task.

Click Save edits when finished.

The Task detail box will reflect the new assignee.

The new assignee will be notified of the task assignment by email.

Automatically reassign a task via the coworker field

Note: A user with a Custom Access Role who can edit a given Coworker field can change the user assigned to the Coworker field. This reassigns any tasks assigned through that Coworker field.

When an onboarding plan is created, or when a task is added directly to a new hire's profile later, you can select to assign a task to a Coworker field, such as Manager. This assigns the task to the user who is listed as the new hire's Manager.

Updating the Coworker field on a new hire's profile will automatically reassign any tasks from the originally listed user to the updated user.

Note: Updating the Coworker field only reassigns tasks that were assigned through the Coworker field. Tasks assigned directly to the original user will not be reassigned.

Example: In the images below, the organization has assigned the user Jesse Cash as this new hire's Manager in the applicable Coworker field. Any tasks in the onboarding plan assigned to the Manager Coworker field will be assigned to Jesse Cash (Manager). The parenthetical Manager indicates the tasks were assigned through the Manager coworker field, rather than assigned directly to Jesse as a user.

If the Manager Coworker field for this new hire is later changed to the user Andrew Dunlap, any tasks assigned to this Coworker field will be reassigned from Jesse to Andrew. Andrew will be notified of the newly assigned tasks by email.

Any tasks already completed by the user originally assigned to the Coworker field will appear as completed tasks in the updated user's Tasks view. Reassigned tasks will no longer be viewable by the originally assigned user.

Clicking into a completed task will indicate the originally assigned user completed the task.

Note: If a Coworker field is left blank on a new hire's profile, tasks assigned to that Coworker field will be unassigned. Adding a user to the Coworker field later will assign all applicable tasks to that user automatically. This can help automate your team's workflow in cases where you assign a Coworker to a new hire after the onboarding plan is created.