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Scorecard Notification Updates Overview


Scorecard notifications have been updated to give your organization greater control over notification cadence, plus new options to keep your interviewing team in the loop as scorecards are submitted. 

The job-level Notifications page now includes a Scorecard Notifications section where you can customize Scorecard Reminder notifications and send New Scorecard notifications to more users. We have also updated the Slack integration to support these new notification options, including allowing all user types to enable the integration.

Note: We are releasing these feature updates slowly across all tiers. If you do not see these options available in your Greenhouse Recruiting account yet, check back soon!

In this article, we will discuss updates to: 


Slack Notifications

Previously, Slack notifications were available for Job Admin and Site Admin users only. With this update, Basic users can now: 

  • Enable the Slack integration from the Account Settings page
  • Configure notification preferences for Scorecard Reminders and New Scorecard notifications  
  • Opt out of all Slack notifications and New Scorecard notification emails

Note: Basic and Interviewer users have access only to Scorecard Reminder and New Scorecard notifications through the Slack integration and Account Settings page. Other notification types are not available to these users.


This update also allows Job Admins and Site Admins to turn Slack notifications off/on for recipients on individual jobs. To turn Slack notifications off/on for recipients, navigate to Job Job Setup Notifications Scorecard Notifications > Configure

Note: Slack notifications will be sent only to recipients who have enabled Slack already in their Account Settings.



New Scorecard Notifications

This existing feature has been updated to support sending notifications to a job's Hiring Manager and/or all scheduled interviewers as scorecards for the selected stage are submitted. Previously, New Scorecard notifications could be configured only for the candidate's Recruiter, Coordinator, or specified Greenhouse Recruiting user. 

In addition, the New Scorecard notification email now includes a status summary for all scorecards in the selected stage, highlighting interviewers who have submitted their scorecards already, while creating a sense of urgency for those who have not done so. 


To configure New Scorecard notifications for a single job, navigate to All Jobs > Job. From the Job Dashboard page, click the Job Setup tab and navigate to Notifications on the left-hand panel. 


From the Notifications page, navigate to the Scorecard Notifications panel and click Configure inline with New Scorecards.

Note: New Scorecard notifications can only be configured on a per-stage basis.


In the subsequent dialog box, locate the stage for which you wish to configure New Scorecard notifications and click the Select recipient(s) dropdown. Select by role or by user name those who should be notified when scorecards are submitted in this stage.

Selecting Hiring Manager(s) will send New Scorecard notifications to any users assigned to the Hiring Manager role on the job's Hiring Team page. Selecting Interviewer(s) in this stage will send New Scorecard notifications to any users scheduled to interview the candidate in the specified stage. 


Repeat this process to configure New Scorecard notifications for as many stages on the job as you wish. Click Save when finished.


Scorecard Reminder Notifications

Every interviewer automatically receives a Scorecard Reminder one hour after their scheduled interview's end time. This update allows your organization to customize the reminder email schedule, including when the first reminder is sent to interviewers, the time and frequency of follow-up reminders, and when reminders should stop. 


To learn more about configuring Scorecard Reminder notifications, please click here