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Getting the correct pronunciation of a candidate’s name is an important part of making a good first impression and demonstrating an inclusive workplace. Greenhouse Recruiting's Candidate Name Pronunciation feature helps your team do just that by empowering a candidate to share their name pronunciation with you before an interview even takes place.

Enable candidate name pronunciation

To begin, navigate to the Inclusion Tools page. (Configure Icon_-_Configure__redesign_.png > Inclusion Tools)


From the Configure Inclusion Tools page, scroll down to the Interviewing panel and click the toggle inline with Prompt candidates to record their name pronunciation so that a checkmark appears.

Note: Once enabled, the candidate name pronunciation feature is turned on for every job. It is not possible to enable this feature for only select jobs or candidate availability requests.


Moving forward, each candidate who receives an availability request email will see the option to record their name pronunciation at the bottom of the Submit Availability page.


A candidate can return to the Availability Request page at any time to re-record or delete their recording. Any changes a candidate makes to their recording, including deleting it, will be reflected on their candidate profile. Only the most recent version of a candidate's recording will be available.

Listen to candidate name pronunciation recording

Once a candidate has submitted a name pronunciation, the recording will be available in two locations:

  • At the top of the candidate's profile
  • Within every Interview Kit for the candidate

To listen to the candidate's name pronunciation from the main profile, a Job Admin or Site Admin can navigate to the profile and click the Play button to the right of the candidate's name.


To listen to the candidate's recording from an Interview Kit, an interviewer can navigate to their assigned Interview Kit and click the Play button next to the candidate's name in the right-hand panel.


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