Updated Scheduling Experience Product Support

Why did you switch from the old UI to the new UI? I liked the old UI better.

We acknowledge the new scheduling experience is a big change and takes some getting used to. We decided to update our scheduling UI after hearing a fair amount of feedback from customers. Understanding some of the feedback we heard may clarify or contextualize the updates.

When we spoke to customers, many of them told us our scheduling experience did not match how they scheduled: first, by finding times; then, by sending invites. Additionally, they told us the scheduler caused redundant work like editing multiple invites across interviews.

For that reason, we decided to map our scheduling experience to that process by creating a two-step flow. In the first step, the page is optimized for finding times: your calendar is now front-and-center rather than hidden behind a toggle. In the second step, the page is optimized for sending invites: you can now edit one template to send to all interviewers, and easily edit the interview location or add a Zoom link.

Additionally, separating finding times and sending invites will make it easier for us to add new features in the future, as well as incorporate more aspects of automation into the scheduling experience.

Can I have the Old UI back / opt out of the new UI completely?

Unfortunately, no. We have provided the opt-out functionality per interview so that, for now, you can return to the old scheduler if you get stuck. (You might be encouraged to know that this is not just a convenience – we are actively monitoring the opt-out rate on our end as we identify areas for improvement.)

If you feel you are getting consistently stuck in the new scheduling experience, the most helpful thing you can do is to send feedback through our Support team that answers a few important questions:

  • What problem is the new scheduling experience causing for you?
  • Can you describe your process, and why you are running into that problem?
  • How did the old scheduling experience help you solve that problem?


How long will you support the opt-out functionality?

Once we are confident the opt-out rate is low across our customer base, and we have had a chance to identify any functionality we need to add before deprecating the old scheduling experience, we will remove the opt-out functionality. We currently estimate we will deprecate the old scheduling experience by the end of 2020 (in the November or December time frame) at the earliest.