Talent.com is an employer job posting website with over 75 million job seekers visiting every month, making it one of the largest candidate pools online. Talent.com's goal is to give job seekers the largest selection of jobs to match their skills and ambitions. Greenhouse’s integration with Talent.com allows you to post jobs seamlessly to Talent.com from Greenhouse and receive applications directly back to Greenhouse.

Find your job board token

To make your job posts available to Talent.com, you'll need to send your job board URL, or job board token, to Talent.com.

You can find your job board URL by navigating to Configure > Job Boards & Posts > Ellipsis icon next to your job board > Edit Board Settings, then scroll to the URL field.

Once you have this URL, send it to Talent.com account manager.

Click here for a more detailed walkthrough of locating your job board URL.

Create a job board API key

Next, you'll need to create a Job Board API key for Talent.com.

Follow the steps in this article and use the information below when creating your API key:

  • API type: Job Board
  • Description: Talent.com Job Board API key

Once you have this key, send it to your Talent.com account manager.

Setup a tracking link for Talent.com

In order to track the source of applications from Talent.com, you need to create a tracking link with Talent.com as the source.

First, you'll need to create the source for Talent.com. Click the Configure icon your navigation bar, then click Custom Options.

Click Sources.

Click Create New Source.

Enter the following details:

  • Sourcing strategy: Third-party boards
  • Name of source: Talent.com

When finished, click Create Source.

Your custom source for Talent.com is now created.

Next, you will create a tracking link for this source. Click Configure > Job Board.

Select a job board from the subsequent list, and click the Ellipsis icon beside the job board name. Click Tracking Link from the dropdown menu.

Enter the following details:

  • Who gets credit: Choose a user or select None.
  • Source: Talent.com

When finished, click Create Link. Copy the link and provide to your Talent.com account manager.

Use the Talent.com Integration with Greenhouse

Once setup is complete, Talent.com automatically pulls job posts from your associated job board every four hours. Applicants who apply via Talent.com will automatically appear in your Greenhouse Recruiting account with a source of Talent.com!