In an effort to improve our suite of products, Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. Stay up-to-date with what's new at Greenhouse by Following our Release Notes.

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Bug Fixes

  • In Greenhouse Recruiting, we fixed a bug that prevented the Job Notifications page from loading correctly for users without permission to view private data on the job. We apologize for any trouble this caused your team. 
  • We resolved an issue that prevented some users from viewing all available Job Admin levels when bulk updating user permissions. 
  • We fixed a bug that overwrote the Location field for all interviewers to be the same when using Schedule All in the classic scheduling workflow. 
  • We fixed a bug that prevented some applications from being marked as Needs Decision correctly, which impacted filtering for this parameter on the All Candidates page.
  • We resolved an issue in which rescheduling a Follow-Up Reminder to a later date and then dismissing its associated alert caused the rescheduled Reminder to unintentionally be deleted. 
  • We updated user searches to return user names containing special characters, whether the special characters were included in the search or not.


  • In Greenhouse Onboarding, we fixed a bug that caused values from deleted custom fields to be sent through the BambooHR integration
  • We also fixed a bug that caused mapping issues when pushing a new hire whose employment status included a space (e.g. full time) from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding.