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The integration with Greenhouse is quick and easy to set up. Please follow the steps below to combine the powers of Grit and Greenhouse. You can follow along with our Integration video guide here.

First you must make sure you have a Grit account. If you do not already have one, please sign up on the Grit App here. Make sure to click the company tab on the registration form to ensure you are able to continue the integration process below.




Once you have signed in to the Grit App, navigate to the settings tab of your company account.







You should then see a section titled Greenhouse Integration (arrow above). To activate the integration, click the toggle. You will then see a form containing the necessary api keys and Greenhouse job boards needed to import your greenhouse jobs to the Grit platform.


The first step here is to fill out the two api keys that provide Grit access to the Harvest Api and Job Board Api on your behalf.


To add these api keys and fill this form out, you must log in to the Greenhouse account you would like to integrate. Then navigate to the API Credential Management Center located in the Dev Center of the Greenhouse Account Settings Page.


Once there, you will see a “Create New API Key” button. Click the button to create your first API key, then fill out the popover form provided and click “Create”. Make sure to select all the appropriate permissions; the easiest option is to click “Select All” at the top. Permissions necessary are related to applications and jobs.


Once you have created your Harvest Api Key, create the Job Board Api Key. Follow the same process shown above, but make sure to select the Job Board Api in the dropdown menu.


The next step is to copy both api keys and paste them into their respective inputs in your Grit Greenhouse Integration settings.


Once, you have added both the Harvest and Job Board keys, you can add your job board token from your Greenhouse account. You can find this back in the Greenhouse Dev Center, under “Configure Your Job Board”.


Your job board token is located here. Additionally, you can select additional job boards to integrate via the dropdown menu in the upper right.





Gather all of your job board tokens and paste them into your Grit Greenhouse Integration Settings. Then click the check integration button at the bottom of the form. You should see a success prompt, and your integration with greenhouse is complete.  


Following the steps above will take just a few minutes to accomplish. Once completed Grit will use the api keys securely behind the scenes to import your jobs from Greenhouse and post them to the Grit job board. If there are any issues with your integration you will be notified of the errors. Additionally, our team will be notified and we will reach out to help solve any issues.