In early September, we released simplified interviewing permissions that allow any user to complete a scorecard on any candidate, just by being scheduled for an interview. This update allows users to view content relevant to the tasks they need to accomplish, without giving them full access to all the information about your jobs and candidates. Additionally, it eliminates the need to manually assign Interviewer permissions to a majority of users in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: As a follow-up to this release, we will be deprecating the Interviewer permission beginning in late October.


Why is the Interviewer permission level being removed?

With recent updates, the Interviewer permission level almost entirely overlaps with functionality addressed by other permissions. Users no longer require any job-level access to conduct interviews, and the default Interviewer permission level is far less flexible and configurable than custom Job Admin levels. Furthermore,  Recruiters spend an incredible amount of time assigning them permissions. Nearly 25% of all job permissions are Interviewer permissions — that’s 25.7 MILLION permissions assigned! In this new world, a huge amount of manual auditing  and updating of Interviewer permission levels should disappear altogether.


What will happen once the Interviewer permission level is removed?

When assigning new permissions on the Configure > Users or Job Setup > Hiring Team pages, Interviewer will no longer appear as an option in the permissions dropdown. The only permission levels a user can be assigned on a job will be one of your organization's Job Admin levels.

If a user already has Interviewer permissions assigned, these assigned permissions will be removed. 

  • If a user only has Interviewer permissions, they will be considered a Basic User after Interviewers are removed.
  • If a user has a combination of Interviewer and Job Admin permissions, they will retain all of their Job Admin permissions and lose access to all jobs where they are assigned as Interviewers.
  • If a user only has Job Admin permissions, their permissions will be unaffected.


What actions do I need to take before this change happens?

Nothing! Although users will lose access to job-level information when Interviewers are removed, they will still be able to submit any pending scorecards and view or edit any scorecards they have previously submitted without having to reschedule anything.