Idealist is a nonprofit organization that offers job and internship postings on their site. With a mission to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives, the job board offers low-cost job listings for nonprofits, government agencies, social enterprises, and other social businesses.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Idealist allows your organization to automatically post your jobs to the Idealist job board. In this article, we will cover how to:


Locate Job Board Token for the Greenhouse / Idealist Integration

Note: In order to access Job Board settings, you must be a Site Admin.

To activate the Greenhouse Recruiting / Idealist integration, you first need to obtain your job board token in Greenhouse Recruiting. To retrieve a job board token, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Job Board from the left hand panel.


From the Configure Job Boards page, click the Ellipsis icon ellipsis.png  inline with a job board and select Edit Board Settings from the dropdown menu.


Navigate to the URL section and copy the value in the provided field. This is the job board token for this job board and will be used by Idealist to pull the jobs you want to publish to their site.



Enable the Greenhouse/Idealist Integration

Next, contact Idealist by visiting their Contact page or by emailing to request they enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / Idealist integration with your organization's existing Idealist account.

Please ensure Idealist has the necessary information to enable the integration: 

  • Contact Idealist using an email address listed as an administrator of your organization's Idealist account.
  • Include your job board token in the message.

Once the Idealist team confirms the integration is complete, you will be able to access the Greenhouse menu within your organization's Idealist Dashboard.


Use Idealist with Greenhouse

From the Idealist Dashboard, log into your Administrator account and click Greenhouse on the lefthand menu. 


The Greenhouse Integration page allows you to manage how jobs are shared from your Greenhouse Recruiting job board with Idealist, as well as view all of your organization's jobs that are currently posted on Greenhouse Recruiting.


Clicking Enable auto-publish will post all jobs currently on your Greenhouse Recruiting job board to Idealist. Additionally, any future jobs you post to Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically be posted to Idealist.

Note: This option requires you to purchase Job Credit Packs from Idealist. Each job posted in this way will spend one (1) Credit. 

To instead select which jobs you wish to import manually, do not enable the Auto-Publish option. Instead, click the checkbox next to the jobs you would like to import to Idealist and then click Import Selected. You will then input your invoice and payment information, and pay for these posts by credit card, check, or use of any Job Credits you have previously purchased.

Note: Prices will vary depending on the type of organization you represent.



Once listings are live on the Idealist site, they cannot be edited via Greenhouse Recruiting. If you need to edit the listing on Idealist, please use the normal editing process for jobs on the Idealist website.

Note: Applicants for your jobs will be directed to the Greenhouse-hosted application to apply.