Note: Simplified interviewing permissions are now enabled for all organizations. At this time, the classic interview scheduling workflow, which includes the Interviewer permission level, is still supported. The Interviewer permission level will be deprecated entirely in late October / early November. To learn more about the implications of removing the Interviewer permission level, please review the following article: Deprecating "Interviewer" Permission Level

A typical Interviewer usually has just one job in GHR (interviewing candidates), but Recruiters spend an incredible amount of time assigning them permissions. Nearly 25% of all job permissions are Interviewer roles — that’s 25.7 MILLION permissions assigned! 

Simplified interviewing permissions eliminate the need to assign users to jobs before scheduling them for interviews, and also stop non-Admins from viewing candidates on jobs unless they are specifically assigned to an interview.

With simplified interviewing permissions enabled, the scheduling workflow allows any user to be selected and scheduled to conduct an interview, even if the person is a Basic user or otherwise has no permission on a job. This change shows up in a few places in Greenhouse Recruiting:

  • When scheduling or updating an interview on a specific candidate
  • When sending a take home test and assigning/updating a grader
  • When editing an Interview Kit and assigning default interviewers
  • When editing an Interview Kit and assigning default test graders


Before simplified interviewing permissions — only users assigned to the job appear in user dropdowns:


With simplified interviewing permissions — all active users appear in user dropdowns:


Apart from a few small UI changes, users scheduled for interviews with simplified interviewing permissions should not notice much of a difference in how they submit scorecards. They will receive daily interview reminders and calendar events the same way they have historically, and can still view upcoming interviews directly on their dashboards.


These users will not be able to click on the candidate’s profile from the Dashboard or within the Interview Kits, and they will not be able to view any candidates on the All Candidates page unless they are added to the role as a Job Admin.

Public contact information and attachments (Resume and Cover Letter) will still be accessible within Interview Kits, but any attachments marked Admin Only or Private will not be visible.


If your organization allows Interviewers to see other users’ completed scorecard (either Always or After submitting their own), a link will appear on the right side of the Interview Kit and completed scorecard. This link will allow interviewers scheduled via simplified interviewing permissions to click into and view other scorecards without accessing the candidate's profile.

Note: This link will only appear if at least one other member of the hiring team has submitted a scorecard for a candidate.