Assertion Consumer Service URL and Entity ID / Issuer

Permissions: Basic and above, who can manage and configure SSO

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting provides your team with the ability to log in via Single Sign-On, or SSO. With SSO enabled, your users can access your organization’s Greenhouse Recruiting account through your Identity Provider (IdP) of choice. 

As part of the Single Sign-On configuration process, Greenhouse Recruiting will auto-generate an Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL for your organization. Once the ACS URL is generated, you will need to provide it to your IdP. Your IdP will use your provided ACS URL to generate metadata for your organization, including an Entity ID / Issuer value.

To learn more about enabling Single Sign-On, please click here

Assertion Consumer Service URL

The Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL directs your IdP where to send its SAML Response after authenticating a user.

Greenhouse will receive your IdP's SAML Response at the ACS URL, verify the Response, and log the user into Greenhouse Recruiting.  

Entity ID / Issuer

The Entity ID (sometimes referred to as the Issuer) names the Greenhouse Recruiting application within your IdP.

This text must exactly match the configuration settings in Greenhouse Recruiting. If the Entity ID / Issuer value is not an exact match between your IdP and Greenhouse Recruiting, your users will receive an error when attempting to log in via SSO.