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Outlook 365 Migration to the Graph API


Greenhouse Recruiting is migrating its current Outlook 365 calendar integration to the Microsoft Graph API. All organizations who have enabled the Outlook 365 calendar integration will have to migrate to this new platform by mid-April 2020. In this article, we will cover:

Note: Your organization can elect to migrate to the Graph API platform anytime prior to the required migration in mid-April 2020.


Reason and Impact of Migration to the Graph API

A key motive for the migration to the Graph API is to support future developments and enhancements to Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Outlook 365. Prior to this migration, your organization configured either a Basic Outlook 365 setup or an Advanced Outlook 365 setup.

For the Advanced Outlook 365 setup, your organization needed a user with Outlook 365 Global Admin credentials to grant Greenhouse Recruiting permission to retrieve your organization's calendar data. This advanced setup allowed users in your organization to see their own free/busy schedules, see the free/busy schedules of their colleagues, and to book rooms.

A necessary consequence of the Advanced Outlook 365 setup was that it potentially gave users in your organization unnecessary visibility into calendars and rooms that they might not otherwise have access to in Greenhouse Recruiting. By migrating Greenhouse Recruiting's integration to the Graph API, we are now able to mirror every user's permissions exactly as they are in your organization's Outlook 365 configuration. 

Note: Once your organization has migrated its Outlook 365 integration to the Graph API platform, some users may see less rooms and/or calendars. This will be due to your configuration in Outlook 365 and not Greenhouse Recruiting. 

Once the migration is complete, there will be no distinction between a Basic and an Advanced setup for the integration. Each user who wishes to schedule via the integration will only need to reconnect their individual calendars. All previously scheduled interviews will still be intact post-migration. 


Migrate Outlook 365 Integration to the Graph API 

Note: We recommend that you communicate this change to your organization before continuing with the migration since users may experience a disruption in their ability to schedule interviews until they reconnect their individual calendars.

To migrate your organization's Outlook 365 integration to the Graph API, a user will need to first disconnect the previous integration for your entire organization. The disconnect process will only need to be performed by a single user with Site Admin level permissions. 

Click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Email Settings from the left-hand panel.


From the Email Settings page, navigate to the Disconnect Outlook 365 section and click Disconnect.


Disconnecting your organization's Outlook 365 integration will remove all existing calendar integrations in your organization and require that all users reconnect their respective calendars. This process is irreversible, and when users reconnect their calendars to Greenhouse Recruiting they will connect through the Graph API.

Type DISCONNECT in the provided space and click Disconnect when finished.


Once finished, Greenhouse Recruiting users in your organization who wish to schedule via the integation will need to reconnect their individual Outlook 365 calendars to their respective Greenhouse Recruiting user accounts. 

To reconnect their calendars to their respective Greenhouse Recruiting user accounts, each user should click the ellipsis Screen_Shot_2020-02-24_at_9.40.04_AM.png on the navigation bar and select Integrations from the dropdown menu.


From the Integrations page, use the provided search bar to find Outlook 365. Click Outlook 365 from the results.


Click Connect from the subsequent dialog box.


The user will be redirected to Outlook 365 where they can input their personal Outlook 365 credentials. 


When finished, the user will be redirected back to the Greenhouse Recruiting. The Outlook 365 integration will be enabled for their account via the Graph API.