Showcase Jobs is a web platform that enables employers to source and filter candidates based on short-form video. Candidates submit video responses to common and custom interview questions, so employers can confidently skip the phone screen and move candidates to the next step in the interview process. Showcase filters applicants by their skill sets, rather than by cold resumes alone. Unearth a diverse, unique talent pool overlooked by more traditional recruitment processes. 

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Showcase allows users to access and track candidates from Showcase, all with a few clicks of a button. Once candidates are in your Greenhouse Recruiting pipeline, you can use your regular hiring process seamlessly. In this article, we will cover how to: 


Enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / Showcase Integration 

Navigate to the Showcase Jobs platform, then click the Settings icon in the top right corner to access your Settings page. 


Scroll down the Settings page to the Integrations section. Find and click the Greenhouse button. 


You will be redirected to Greenhouse Recruiting. Follow the provided instructions to sign into Greenhouse Recruiting and grant access to Showcase. 


After providing your Greenhouse Recruiting login credentials, click Authorize. You will be redirected back to Showcase, and the integration will be enabled. 

Note: If you wish to deactivate the Greenhouse Recruiting / Showcase Jobs integration in the future, you can do so by navigating to the Showcase platform > Integrations > and click Disable next to the Greenhouse block. 


Sync Jobs from Greenhouse Recruiting to Showcase

Your organization might have jobs listed on both Greenhouse Recruiting and Showcase Jobs already. In order to add candidates from Showcase to Greenhouse Recruiting correctly, you must first link the jobs between the two platforms. Use the following steps to sync a job from Greenhouse Recruiting to Showcase. 

Navigate to the Showcase Jobs platform, then click the Settings icon in the top right corner to access your Settings page. 


Click an existing job you wish to edit, or click + Create Job Posting


From the Select matching Greenhouse Job dropdown, select the corresponding job in Greenhouse Recruiting. 


After selecting the corresponding job in the dropdown, you might wish to view the job in Greenhouse Recruiting to confirm you have selected the correct job, and to copy additional details to add to Showcase Jobs manually (such as job description). You can do so by clicking the View button to the right of the Select matching Greenhouse Job dropdown. 


Click Save when finished. 


The job you selected will now display a Greenhouse Recruiting logo next to it on your Showcase Jobs Settings page. 

Note: If you ever wish to disconnect a single job, you can do so by repeating the steps above and selecting None from the Select matching Greenhouse Job dropdown. 


Add Candidates from Showcase to Greenhouse Recruiting

Once candidates have accepted your interview request in Showcase Jobs, you can upload them to Greenhouse Recruiting. 

Note: Candidates who are not shortlisted, not invited to interview, or who have rejected your invitation request cannot be uploaded to Greenhouse Recruiting. 

To upload a candidate to Greenhouse Recruiting, begin by navigating to your Showcase Jobs Employer Dashboard. Click Shortlist at the top right. 


If not already selected, choose the job where you wish to add the candidate from the dropdown. 


Confirm the candidate has accepted your interview request, then click the Upload button next to the Greenhouse Recruiting logo. 


The candidate is now available in Greenhouse Recruiting, along with information such as their email address, name, resume, LinkedIn profile, and current work position. Click the View button next to the Greenhouse recruiting logo to view the candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting. 



Answer Frequently Asked Questions and Get Help

Q: Does the Greenhouse Recruiting / Showcase Jobs integration have a cost? 
A: No! Setting up and using this integration is entirely free. There may be base costs for using Greenhouse Recruiting and Showcase Jobs themselves, though.

Q: What access does Showcase Jobs have to Greenhouse Recruiting? 
A: These permissions are listed on the Authorization page. In more detail, the integration grants Showcase the following abilities: 

  • Can create new candidates 
  • Can upload candidates you have selected to interview
  • Can view candidates imported by Showcase
  • Can follow up with sourced candidates — Showcase does not have the ability to read all candidates in your Greenhouse account, only those specifically created by Showcase. 
  • Can view jobs
  • Can match "Showcase's jobs" with "Greenhouse Recruiting's jobs" — Showcase cannot edit or create a job in Greenhouse Recruiting; jobs must exist in Greenhouse Recruiting before they are synced to Showcase 

Q: Why am I unable to upload a candidate to Greenhouse Recruiting? 
A: You can upload candidates only after they have agreed to interview. Candidates who are only "shortlisted" must be invited to interview first. If a candidate rejects the interview, you cannot upload them to Greenhouse Recruiting. 

For troubleshooting assistance regarding the Greenhouse Recruiting / Showcase Jobs integration, contact