Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Every offer is unique.

For example, your organization may want different language on offer letters if the job opening is Full-time, Part-time, or Contract. When using normal templates, Site Admins would have to create a separate template for each selection in this field. This problem becomes even more complicated when you have more than one custom offer field and want specialized text for each combination.

With offer sections, you can enter language for custom offer fields that show different text based on the selection in the custom offer field. You can also include tokens inside of the offer sections to further customize and personalize your offer letters, and reduce the amount of templates recruiters will need to sift through for each offer letter. 

Note: If a new option is added to the custom offer field, an offer section will not be created by default. A Site Admin must define the offer section for each new option. Additionally, if an existing custom offer field option is renamed or deleted, any configured offer section text for that option will be removed.

For more information on how to configure and manage offer sections, check out the links below: