Offer Section Overview


Offer sections allow your organization to create conditional language for custom offer fields options and can be an entire paragraph (or multiple paragraphs)of text. Additionally, offer sections can include other tokens within the paragraph to further customize your offer language.

By configuring offer sections, your organization can build and customize offer letters based on the selections made when generating a candidate offer. By reducing the number of templates needed to cover every possible offer permutation, ongoing offer document maintenance is streamlined and it is easier for recruiters to make the right template choice for each candidate.

Use Case: Your organization has a custom offer field for Employment Type with the following options: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, and Intern.

For each option, your organization can create an offer section with different text. A unique offer section token that can be included in an offer letter template will indicate which details to utilize in the offer letter based on the option selected.

Note: If a new option is added to the custom offer field, the option will will not have an offer section configured by default. Additionally, if an existing custom offer field option is renamed or deleted, any configured offer section text for that option will be removed.

For more information on how to configure and manage offer sections, please click the links below: