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Any job that is created in Greenhouse Recruiting has two key structural components: a requisition and an opening(s). Understanding the relationship and differences between these two components allows your company to successfully and effectively organize how you set up a job. 

Requisition and openings overview

A requisition for a job contains most of the configuration for the job, such as the scorecard, hiring team, interview plan, job post(s), department, office, and more. This configuration applies to all of the openings you create for a job.

Note: Your organization may elect to create multiple job posts for a requisition to target different types of openings.

However, a requisition is only a set of configured data for a job. In order to make a hire, a requisition needs at least one opening. An opening is a specific vacancy where your organization wants to hire an individual (For example, a seat that needs to be filled). A requisition may have multiple openings if your organization is hiring multiple people using the same requisition. 

Note: By default, any job created in Greenhouse Recruiting will have one opening.   


Requisition ID vs Opening ID

A Req ID is a unique alphanumeric identifier that helps your organization and any downstream systems your organization uses to identify a particular requisition from other requisitions. Additionally, each opening for a requisition can be assigned its own Opening ID to help your organization and any downstream systems differentiate between each opening for a requisition.

Use Case: Your organization has a single requisition configured for a Software Engineer for which you plan to fill 3 available openings. Each opening is expected to be filled by a Senior, Mid-Level, and Associate engineer, respectively. In order to distinguish between the three openings, you can use an Opening ID to identify the opening's seniority level.