Resend an agency recruiter's invitation

Permissions: Site Admins, and Job Admins who can invite and deactivate agency recruiters

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Agency recruiters can only submit candidates or prospects in Agencies once they've received their agency recruiter invitation email. In this article, we'll cover how to resend the agency recruiter invitation email.

Resend an agency recruiter's invitation email

In your Greenhouse Recruiting account, navigate to Configure > Agencies.

Click to select the agency recruiter who needs a new invitation.

Note: Do not click Edit Edit button .

Agencies tab on Configure page with invited agency recruiter highlighted to click

Click Resend on the agency recruiter's profile.

Agency recruiter profile in Greenhouse Recruiting with Resend invitation button highlighted

The agency recruiter will receive a new invitation email in their inbox. They'll use this email to set up their account in Agencies.

Invitation email resent to agency recruiter

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