Permissions: Site Admins

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The change log is an itemized catalog of actions that have taken place in your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting account. In this article, we'll provide a brief overview of the change log and the types of actions that can be audited through it.

Note: The change log generally doesn't include actions that happen for individual candidates. You can find this information on a candidate's activity feed.

Access your change log

To view your organization's change log, click the Configure icon Configure-icon.png on your navigation bar and select Change Log on the left.

Screenshot of Configure > Change log

Your change log will include a list of entries, each representing an individual action taken within your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting account.

You can sort log entries by oldest or newest and filter by a specific action, user, job, or date range.

Change log actions

You can filter and audit your change log for the following actions:

Note: Some actions can only be audited if your organization has the associated subscription tier and / or product (like Greenhouse CRM).

Agency deactivated Agency invited Agency job edited Agency modified
Agency recruiter invited Agency recruiter job added Agency recruiter job removed Agency recruiter modified
API key created API key permissions updated API key re-enabled API key revoked
API key updated Application rules created Application rules deleted Application rules updated
Apply default approval flow to all existing open jobs Approval notifications changed Approval plan edited Auto merge setting changed
Bulk agency job edited Bulk candidate stage change Bulk copied rules to jobs Bulk copy form to jobs
Bulk deactivate users Bulk delete candidate Bulk delete candidates' personal data Bulk edit job application
Bulk import candidates Bulk import prospects Bulk interview plan edited

Bulk job scorecard edited

Bulk merge application Bulk reject candidate Bulk remove form from jobs Bulk removed rules from jobs
Bulk user permission edited Business Intelligence Connector changed Candidate added Candidate added to another job
Candidate notifications changed Candidate offer downloaded Candidate packet created Candidate packet deleted
Candidate packet updated Candidate survey settings changed Candidate transferred to different job Candidate has been unhired
Candidate or prospect rejected Candidate or prospect unrejected Company goal changed Company goal created
Custom field dependency changed  Custom field dependency created Custom field dependency removed Company goal deleted
Company goal toggled Custom option added Custom option deleted Custom option updated
Custom options changed Custom options removed Default approval plan edited Delete application
Delete candidate Delete prospect process Department / office changed Department / office created
Department / office deleted Email domain added Email domain removed Form added to job
Form copied to job Form removed from job Form updated in job GDPR data protection officer updated
GDPR data retention period cleared GDPR data retention period updated GDPR data to be deleted updated GDPR data to be deleted added
GDPR data to be deleted removed GDPR delete candidates' personal data changed GDPR email recipient settings added GDPR email recipient settings removed
GDPR email recipient settings updated GDPR legal basis updated GDPR office added GDPR office removed
GDPR offices updated GDPR provide candidate with GDPR information changed GDPR rule added GDPR rule modified
GDPR rule removed GDPR notifications cleared GDPR notifications updated Global email added
Global email removed Greenhouse Support access granted Greenhouse Support access revoked HRIS Link modified
HRIS Link set up HRIS Link for hired candidates modified HRIS Link for hired candidates set up Hiring team responsibility changed
Hiring team roles changed Inclusion setting disabled Inclusion setting enabled Inclusion setting modified
Individual goal changed Individual goal created Individual goal deleted Individual goal toggled
Interview plan edited Job Admin level created Job Admin level deleted Jod Admin level name changed
Job Admin level permission added Job Admin level permission removed Job Admin level permission updated Job approval accepted
Job approval rejected Job approval requested Job approved Job board accessible changed
Job board auto load changed Job board created Job board custom CSS changed Job board edit
Job board hide description changed Job board hide view all jobs link changed Job board no auto scroll changed Job board responsive changed
Job board status Job board tracking links changed Job board URL changed Job created
Job deleted Job info changed Job kickoff form approved Job kickoff form approved without full permissions
Job kickoff form changed Job kickoff form deleted Job kickoff form sent Job kickoff notify collaborators
Job opened Job post deleted Job post edited Job post state change
Job posts URL changed Job scoreboard edited Legal basis to process personal data updated Legal basis to retain personal data for future use updated
Merged candidate Next requisition ID changed Offer section created Offer section deleted
Offer section updated Org permission policy changed Org wide email template added Org wide email template changed
Org wide email template removed Org wide offer template added Org wide offer template changed Org wide ofter template removed
Org wide social template added Org wide social template changed Org wide social template removed Organization name changed
Other notifications changed PII page accessed Partner campaign created Pay transparency rule changed
Pay transparency rule created Pay transparency rule removed Personal information changed Phantom user login
Post description modified Prospect pool admins changed Prospect pool created Prospect pool deleted
Prospect pool renamed Prospect post created Prospect post deleted Prospect post edit
Prospect post state change Prospect stage updated Recruiter deactivated Referral program changed
Report export Rule created Rule deleted Rule updated
Scheduled reports Scorecard notifications changed Scorecard reminder emails preference changed Sourcing strategy rule created
Sourcing strategy rule deleted Sourcing strategy rule updated Temporary access granted Temporary access revoked
Two-step authentication changed Upgrade to Superuser User added to approval plan User added to default approval plan
User import completed User information edited User job permission added User job permission removed
User job permission updated User linked to candidate User login User notifications changed
User permission edited User removed from approval plan User removed from default approval plan User unlinked from candidate
Web hook changed Web hook created Web hook removed Workday® credential added
Workday® credential changed Workday® credential removed Workday® report URL added Workday® report URL changed
Workday® report URL removed Workday® Reports-As-A-Service custom field integration added Workday® Reports-As-A-Service custom field integration changed Workday® Reports-As-A-Service custom field integration removed
Workday® service call custom field integration added Workday® service call custom field integration changed Workday® service call custom field integration removed  

Note: The following actions are not available in the change log:

  • Enabling a partner integration
  • Partner actions (for example, partner sends results of an assessment)
  • Actions performed using Greenhouse Recruiting's API

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Workday®.