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The data retention period marks the length of time your organization has determined to keep a candidate's or prospect's data after they have been rejected from all jobs. If your organization would like to extend the length of time it retains a candidate's and/or prospect's data, you will need to explicitly request this extension.

Greenhouse Recruiting's consent extension email allows your organization to configure an email that is automatically sent to candidates or prospects before their data retention period expires to ask for consent.

Note: The length of time for the extension is the same as the original data retention period for the candidate or prospect. You are unable to customize a different length of time for the extension.

Note: If a candidate or prospect does not respond to the email (does not provide consent nor rejects the data retention extension) within the consent extension window, they will be queued up for deletion when their data retention period expires and included in the data to delete notification.

To configure GDPR consent extension settings, click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, then click Privacy and Compliance on the left. 


Click Configure beside General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Scroll to the Consent Extension Email panel and click Configure.


Consent extension window

The consent extension window is the period of time between when the consent extension email is sent to the candidate or prospect, and when their data retention period expires. This window of time allows candidates or prospects to either give explicit consent or reject your organization's request.


Note: The consent extension window cannot be longer than the shortest data retention period for your organization.

Use the provided field to input the number (in days) for the consent extension window.


Consent extension email body

Scroll to the next section to edit the email template that will be sent to a candidate or prospect to request consent for an extension.

Use the provided fields to define who the email should be coming From, and enter a Subject heading for the email.

Use the Body field to input the contents of the email. For your convenience, available tokens that can be used in the email template are listed on the right.


Note: The values for the {{CONSENT_EXTENSION_WINDOW}} and {{CANDIDATE_RETENTION_PERIOD}} tokens are drawn from your organization's GDPR configuration.

Consent extension email footer

The email footer will include the functionality whereby candidates or prospects can give or deny consent for a data extension.

Note: The consent extension email footer text cannot be edited.

Candidates and/or candidates can give your organization consent for a data extension by clicking Keep my Data or to deny an extension by clicking Delete my Data.