Add LinkedIn conversion pixel to external job board

Permissions: Site Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The LinkedIn Conversion Pixel is a JavaScript code that your organization can add to an external job board to enable advanced analytics in LinkedIn Recruiter on who views and applies to your jobs on LinkedIn.

Note: Your organization must be using job board option 5 to use Javascript and tracking pixels.

Retrieve LinkedIn conversion pixel

To retrieve a conversion pixel, navigate to your LinkedIn Recruiter account and click Jobs. Select Conversion tracking from the dropdown menu.

Click In applicant tracking system on the subsequent page.

Hover over the provided code and click Copy to clipboard.

The code for the LinkedIn Conversion Pixel is copied to your clipboard. Click Finish.

Add LinkedIn conversion pixel to external job board

With the LinkedIn Conversion Pixel copied, navigate to your Greenhouse Recruiting account. Click the Configure  icon on your navigation bar, select Job Board & Posts on the left.

On the subsequent page, click the Ellipsis icon beside an external job board and select Edit Board Settings from the dropdown.

Navigate to the Application Confirmation Page section of the subsequent page. Click the Markup icon <> on the editor.

Paste the copied LinkedIn conversion pixel to the markup editor. Click Save finished.

The LinkedIn conversion pixel is added to the job board. Click Save to confirm the change.

Note: The LinkedIn conversion pixel does not display anything on the confirmation page and is solely used to measure applicant conversions.